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28 NOVEMBER 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM owners see it every day coming home, but many news stations and television shows have continued to highlight the project for the rest of the world to see. To ensure that everything went smoothly, Desco's 10-person crew was led by two very special people. e first was Verry's partner Lee Reasor, "who was on site the entire time, making sure that each step was done properly," Verry said. "He is filled with expertise." e second was Dave Dobbs, who is the superintendent for the entire company. With both of them on site, the job was sure to be successful. ey also followed standard safety protocol, such as using respirators when necessary and wearing regular personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats and eye protection. Garage Leveled When the crew arrived from Desco's headquarters in Indiana, they started right in on surface prep. e columns were already painted, and tile was already installed around the perimeter of the bay, so what Desco needed to do was protect the tiles and columns with RamBoard or visqueen and give the concrete something that the coating could grab onto. ey used a variety of tools to do so, including a Terrco diamond grinder with a 54-inch (137.2 cm) reach, an HTC 800 with 36-inch (91.4 cm) reach, and a small HTC 6-inch (15.2 cm) blaster for the edges. "We just had to get it ready to retain a coating," Verry said. e crew also did some keying around the drains to encour- age proper flow. Despite being far from Desco headquarters, all of the prep work, which included using Ruwak dual-motor vacuums to remove the dust and debris, was done by their crew. "We travel the United States doing installations. And we're self-contained; we don't hire subs," Verry explained. "We bring our own equipment and our own people all from Indiana using various means of trucks and trailers." On this job, the prep work took more than 35 hours to complete. "We worked day and night on that for the first day," said Verry. "It just took a long time to get the profile that we had to have for the adhesion," he continued. "We're doing a 'white floor,' and white floors are always an issue to make sure that your profile is correct and not showing through at all. If you do any blasting whatsoever, you have to grind it to hide the blast lines. It was just a time-consuming prep process that took place on the project." With eight crew members and two supervisors, each member of the Desco Floor Systems crew kept busy. "Everyone had his/her own function," Verry said. "We had three machines going, and with the machines, you have to have people right Concrete Upgrade Solutions that work ™ 800.422.3217 WWW.CHLOR-RID.COM INFO@CHLOR-RID.COM Test for Salts Remove Salts ¨

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