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36 NOVEMBER 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM e crew began with the roof 's perimeter and penetrations. ey waterproofed up vertical surfaces and onto the deck a minimum of 6 inches (15.2 cm) in each direction. For the two Finish Coats, the crew switched from brushes to Graco GMax II 7900 spray rigs. "We go to the sprayer to get a nice, even coat," Carmona said. New Mexico's windy climate and the presence of an active college nearby did present some overspray concerns. "If it's a little windy, we'd just move onto rollers. And if the wind passes 25 miles per hour [40.2 km/hr.], we don't do anything," said Carmona. A lso, the HydroStop system specifies that it should only be applied when temperatures are at 50 °F (10 °C) and rising for at least 48 hours. At one point, the area was hit by a snow storm, so in addition to not working, the crew also moved all materials to a warehouse and inside storage containers from Mobile Mini Solutions to ensure the materials would not freeze. Nonetheless, the RoofC ARE crew successfully installed the system within seven weeks, and that gave them credibility. At the conclusion, new vents were installed and counterflashing that had been removed was re-installed. Further Assignments Next on the agenda was renovating the roof of the 56,800-square-foot (5,277 m 2 ) west wing, consisting of a built-up roof (BUR) membrane cap sheet. For the BUR cap sheet, the crew used GAF's UniBase primer. e UniBase was applied between 0.5 and 1 gallon per 100 square feet (1.9‒3.8 L/9.3 m 2 ). "We first make sure nothing leaks before we pressure wash, then move on to pressure washing the entire roof and then applying the UniBase primer via roller," Carmona explained. "We use a roller because we like to trap the loose granules, just to make sure they get bonded nice and deeply." Using the same application process and thickness as on the fitness center, the west wing was also completed within seven weeks. Finally, in 2016, the school authorized RoofC ARE to refur- bish the 47,000-square-foot (4,366 m 2 ) roof over the commons area, which also included a BUR cap sheet. Most of this work was completed in the late spring and early summer of 2017. e surface preparation and application processes were the same as on the west wing, although the commons area job took 11 weeks to complete due to windy conditions and the increased presence of students and staff below. Based on the crew's hard work, all three roofs were fully functional at the start of the 2017/2018 school year — and the school also found other benefits. "Due to the highly reflective surface coat, SFCC can now enjoy reduced cooling costs as well, especially going from dark-colored roofs to bright white," Small said. A+ Grade Impressed with the system, the school ultimately selected HydroStop as the basis of design for a long-term capital improvement plan. "On the final walkthrough, the QC [quality control] with Dobby [Schmidt], he started immediately talking about adding more areas and other parts of the college next year. So we've bid on another one since," Carmona said. "It's a happy customer with a great product. Up to this day, we haven't had any problems with any of them." It's safe to say this crew passed with flying colors! CP Green Roof VENDOR TEAM Airgas Safety Safety equipment manufacturer 2501 Green Ln. Levittown, PA 19057 (800) 827-2338 Cleasby Manufacturing Inc. Equipment manufacturer 1414 Bancroft Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124 (800) 253-2729 DeWalt Equipment manufacturer 701 E Joppa Rd. Baltimore, MD 21286 (800) 433-9258 GAF Coatings manufacturer 1 Campus Dr. Parsippany, NJ 07054 (973) 531-2869 Graco Inc. Equipment manufacturer 88 11th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 623-6000 Makita U.S.A., Inc. Equipment manufacturer 14930 Northam St. La Mirada, CA 90638 (714) 522-8088 Mobile Mini Solutions Equipment manufacturer 4646 E Van Buren St., Ste. 400 Phoenix, AZ 85008 (888) 284-0614 RWC Building Products Safety equipment manufacturer 1918 W Grant St. Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 258-3794 Over the course of the project, the crew encountered wind, snow, and rain. Despite these challenges, they completed the system, installed new vents, re-installed counterflashing, and called it a day.

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