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52 NOVEMBER 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Send information and photos (transparencies, prints, or high-res JPG digital files at 300dpi) to Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Dr., Ste. 2G, San Diego, CA 92109 or by e-mail with attachments to New & Noteworthy New Water-Based Aliphatic Urethane Floor Coatings e protective and marine coatings business of Sherwin-Williams is now offering new water-based floor coatings with no hot-tire pickup and improved hot-tire staining resistance. According to the company, the AquArmor WBU Water-Based Urethane Floor Coatings represent the next gener- ation of aliphatic coatings. e coatings, which work on both floors and walls, deliver high-performance application and aesthetic characteristics that rival solvent-based products — with the added benefit of lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based formulations. e coatings' wet edge application properties help to minimize the potential for roller lap marks, ensur- ing a consistent gloss and satin sheen for the line's two available finishes. After curing, the coatings prevent tires from leaving excessive, permanent stains. For more information, contact: Sherwin-Williams, (800) 524-5979, Penetrating Primer Reduces Wait Time for 'Green' Concrete Coatings for Industr y, Inc. (CFI) introduced its WearCOAT 1080, a penetrating epox y primer designed to reduce the wait time for priming "green concrete" surfaces. Using WearCOAT 1080, contractors can apply f looring just 10 days after pouring new concrete. T his reduces the waiting period between pouring, priming, and finishing by as much as 18 days. WearCOAT 1080 is a two-component, 100 percent solids epox y primer w ith zero VOCs. T he product works by penetrating into concrete surfaces and chemically activating a powerful bond to the substrate to reduce the effects of vapor transmission, and it can w ithstand 10 lbs. (4.5 kg ) or more of moisture vapor pressure over 1,000 sq. ft. (92.9 m²) per 24 hours. For more information, contact: CFI, (215) 723- 0919, w w Economy Bresle Patches With Elastomer Bresle Patches f rom Pau l N. Gardner Co., Inc. (Gardco) are now avai lable for measur ing water-soluble sa lts and cor rosion products on blast- c leaned steel. T hese compounds are a lmost colorless and are loca lized at the lowest point of the r ust pits. If they are not removed pr ior to paint- ing , chemica l reactions can resu lt in blister for mation and accumu- lations of r ust that destroy the ad hesion bet ween the substrate and the applied protective coating. T he patches are made using an elastomer so that the sy r inge does not pierce. T he high-ad hesion patches are latex- and chlor ide-f ree and suitable for testing on cor roded or coarse-g rade blasted steel. Each patch shou ld be used w ithin 12 months f rom the date of purchase. For more infor mation, contact: Pau l N. Gardner Co., (888) 406 - 6506, w w Economy Products for Industrial Tufcote Brand A xalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, announced the expansion of its Tufcote product line to include acrylic alkyd and vinyl tolunene (V T) alkyd primers and topcoats for the economy industrial market. Created using solvent-borne technology, the Tufcote LV HG series acrylic alkyd, Tufcote 2.8 HG series acrylic alkyd, and Tufcote 2.8 HG series V T alkyd products will complement the existing line of Tufcote finishes that serve the industrial segment. "e new Tufcote series of acrylic alkyd and V T alkyd products will be yet another cost-ef- fective solution that adds value for our customers who require an economy industrial coating," said John Corry, A xalta's product director for its North American industrial business. For more information, contact: A xalta, (855) 547-1461, High-Gloss Urethane Technology Coating Induron Protective Coatings, a provider of ceramic epoxy coatings for high-performance systems and potable water immersion, has introduced the Indurethane Monarch HS as its latest product. e urethane technology

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