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Concrete Dec 2017

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COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED 2017 11 T he Nu kote HLT ( hydro lock treatment) product line f rom coating manufacturer Nu kote can a lso be of use by deliver ing a per manent, passive, col loida l gel bar r ier w ithin the substrate. T his can sig nif icant ly reduce moisture transmission, sur face loss due to abrasion, sur face dusting , and water per meation. T hese benef its are achieved by deny ing positive or negative pressure or osmotic moisture transmission. Repair and Restore Besides resolving moisture issues, another necessary step early in the process is to repair and restore existing defects in a concrete slab. With older concrete slabs, many areas are likely to have spalled, cracked, chipped, or flaked due to years of exposure to the elements. "You've got to minimize the deterioration and cracking," said Rust-Oleum's Paine, whose company offers a number of crack repair solutions. "With Seal-Krete, we basically have a system for every concrete surface." Repair options could include epox y and poly urea joint fillers, cementitious patching, sloping compounds, fiber-re- inforced poly mers (FRP), and self-leveling cement systems. Filler products are often injected in cracks and control joints of industrial f loors receiving heav y-duty vehicle traffic, while self-leveling systems can be used in facilities such as water treatment plants, industrial containment areas, and warehouses. According to Paine, his company's epoxy-based Seal-Krete line offers a pot life of 60 to 90 minutes, which enables cost savings for contractors on multiple levels. "It self levels and is very forgiving, and ultimately has very strong performance," he explained. "We've had more and more people comment that it's the easiest product. ey can put someone newer on the project, and it works because the pot life is longer, and that makes it more forgiving." QuikRete is another provider of related products in this space, including patches, sealants, and expansion joint fillers, as is the Super-K rete line from A rizona Poly mer Flooring (APF). Meanwhile, ChemMasters offers repair mortars, grouts, cures, seals, and more. T hese brands and others are also putting a premium on rapid cure times for their concrete repair products, given the tight timetables associated w ith many jobs. "One of the trends we are continuing to see is the constant push for rapid-cure concrete repair products," said R ay Hurley of T hermal- Chem, a manufacturer of concrete restoration and repair solutions, including patching and grouting products, crack injection systems, and bonding and adhesive products. "Ever y hour that an important area of [a] plant is shut dow n can sometimes cost a customer thousands of dollars. Oftentimes, contractors aren't able to get on a f loor until late Friday night. T hey need to clean, prep, and patch the concrete, and then put dow n several coats of epox y that have to cure hard before opening back up to fork lift traffic by early Monday morning. With tight schedules like this, ever y hour counts, and rapid-cure systems are a must." Polyurethanes are another option to seal leaks. David L. Barton, founder and president of Prime Resins, pioneered the use of polyurethanes for sealing leaks in concrete, according to his company. "He was doing a job at the Atlanta airport, sealing a water pipe running under a runway," said Deb Hammacher, executive communications director at Prime Resins. "e hydraulic cement water patch kept blowing off from the hydrostatic pressure so that they couldn't inject the epoxy they were using to repair the crack. Barton decided to Cementing Success continued on page 14 Cementing Success One way to deal with moisture is to use a vapor barrier or sealant on the top. W. R. Meadows, for example, offers a product that also protects the surface from scaling and water ingress. Coating manufacturers have created protective products, such as Nukote, which offers a treatment to reduce surface loss and water permeation. Products can also repair and restore concrete from problems, such as leaks, cracks, and joints.

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