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Concrete Dec 2017

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COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED 2017 13 Discover Self-Contained Power Solutions from HIPPO Coatings HIPPO Coatings delivers unique power equipment solutions that meet many of the overlooked demands of the coatings industry. e most efficient piece of surface preparation and coatings application equipment on the market is the 100% self-contained HIPPO Coatings Spray Rig. is 13,500 lb. unit is an 8' x 20' shipping container that features three separate compartments – a high-output air and electric power unit, wet/dry blasting and coatings blending – to provide the acces- sories and material for all coatings needs. With variable electric power and air output, the Coatings Power Unit (CPU) adjusts to the task at hand, reducing the amount of equipment traditionally required to get the job done with one combined unit. Equipped with an impressive 185 cfm @ 100 psi air output and 30 kVA 230 VAC 3 phase electric output, the CPU delivers the air power needed for wet/dry blasting during surface preparation and enough electric power to run proportioning units for plural compo- nent applications. e HIPPO Coatings Spray Rig also features a cleaning/ blasting component which provides 185 cfm @ 100 psi air output and 10 KW 230 VAC 3 phase electric output for both wet and dry applications. And, a third compartment for coatings blending delivers 45 cfm @ 100 psi air output and 30 kVA 230 VAC 3 phase electric output for single or plural component coatings. is compartment also features a full work bench, locking cabinets for repairs and storage, spray- foam insulated walls for climate control, as well as an outdoor recessed box with external air and power connections. Packaging all coatings equipment into a shipping HIPPO Coatings 208 NW Business Park Ln Riverside, MO 64150 (800) 844-0624 container makes the HIPPO Coatings Spray Rig an incredibly mobile unit. e infrastructure of all countries are capable of accepting the import and transport of containers, which allows the HIPPO Coatings Spray Rig to be shipped world- wide. And as the unconventional use of shipping containers continues to grow, new equipment is being developed for ease of handling to any location. e HIPPO Coatings Spray Rig is ideal for a variety of applications, including: blasting and surface preparation; oil and gas pipelines; water and wastewater tasks such as rehabil- itation of manholes, lift stations, tanks, and other related structures; highway and bridge deck coatings; industrial fire proofing and other coatings; and commercial and residen- tial-roofing and insulation. e HIPPO Coatings Spray Rig is especially valuable for small jobs where efficiency is crucial to maximize profit, as well as large projects where plural compo- nent coatings are to be applied. Company Profile: HIPPO Coatings SPONSORED CONTENT

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