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Concrete Dec 2017

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COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED 2017 17 28-day wait for many other primers. e product can be used in tandem with epoxy and epoxy-urethane topcoat systems. Another penetrating epoxy primer is the WearCOAT 1080 from CFI, which allows contractors to apply it to floor- ing as soon as 10 days after a new pour. e WearCOAT 1080 is a two-component, zero-VOC, 100 percent solids primer, and it is formulated to accept epoxy, polyaspartic, or urethane mid- and top coats, as well as standard flooring adhesives. Within urethanes, LATICRETE introduced the new SPARTACOTE Urethane Cement to provide commercial and industrial facility managers with a durable, high-perfor- mance coating system that withstands thermal shock, heav y traffic, and harsh impact. Application of the urethane, which is available in multiple colors, is done in a simple two-step installation process. "e urethane can be applied on new or existing concrete after mechanical profile to [ICRI's Concrete Surface Profile] CSP 4-5," said channel manager Jeff Bonkiewicz. "en, after mixing, the material can be placed using a cam rake, which exhibits this innovative product's easy workability and self-leveling qualities." Some concrete coating selections may need to be made with special client needs in mind. For example, in food and beverage applications, the ultra-hygienic polyurethane flooring line called Flowfresh from Flowcrete is a renowned option. In 2017, the Flowfresh line achieved HACCP International certification for a second time, meaning the product is able to meet all the requirements of a hazard analy- sis and critical control point (HACCP) food safety program. e line combines the silver ion-based antibacterial agent Polygiene with a robust polyurethane coating, thus allowing it to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of bacteria in contact with the floor. Another specialty offering is Prime Resins' DeckProtect+ PmB line, a comprehensive cold liquid-applied system designed to protect parking garages. e system includes a waterproof membrane and polyaspartic topcoat. "rough the avoidance of seams, joints, and secondary fleece/scrim band coats, potential weak spots are eliminated, and the client is provided with a completely homogenous, seamless water- proofing solution, protecting [his/her] asset and allowing treatment of virtually all types of construction," Hammacher said. e DeckProtect+ range includes fast-curing and low-odor properties. On many flooring jobs, a cove base could be required in addition to coating. e process of installing a cove base requires layout, wall and floor preparation, masking or instal- lation of screed strips to the wall, priming the wall and floor, troweling in the cove material, letting it cure, abrading to remove imperfections, filling the cove with grout, and apply- ing a finish coat. Easycove, a pre-formed cove system, can assist with this process. "Easycove creates a mechanical bond between the wall, floor, and cove that will not crack like tradi- tional troweled cove base," said company president Heather O'Brien. "It is 10 times faster to install than hand-trow- eled cove base, and it can be installed and finish coated in a single day." Acid staining, dyes, and polishing options are also avail- able from various manufacturers for those clients seeking a decorative look for many parts of a substrate. Application Tools In addition to selecting a finishing solution, contractors need a plan for how to apply it. is can range from airless sprayers and pump-up sprayers all the way through to hand tools allowing detailed precision, such as brushes, rollers, Cementing Success continued on page 20 Cementing Success In addition to the type of coating, systems may be chosen for their ability to manage elements in the environment, such as thermal shock and heavy traffic. LATICRETE offers a urethane product that does so. Picking the right solution for the specific project is important. In food and beverage operations, for example, hygienic coatings may be a good option, such as the Flowcrete's polyurethane flooring systems.

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