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Concrete Dec 2017

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COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED 2017 21 Final Inspection Before leaving the jobsite, contractors should take care to inspect their work and ensure that everything went as intended with the application of the new system. To help with this process, the Rhopoint IQ from e Paul N. Gardner Company is one product that can measure all aspects of reflective appearance quality. "Many industries measure reflective qualities with a simple gloss meter," said Sherri B. ompson, marketing manager. "However, gloss measurement alone is not enough to completely assess reflective qualities. It is very common for orange peel and haze effects to dramatically reduce the perceived quality of a finish without affecting gloss values. e Rhopoint IQ measures gloss, haze, and DOI [distinct- ness of image] — complete reflective appearance analysis in a single reading." Other inspection tools include probes to measure various coating parameters, including thickness, profile, environ- mental conditions, shore hardness, salt contamination, and wall thickness. DeFelsko's PosiTector gage body is a product that universally accepts all PosiTector 6000, 200, RTR (replica tape reader), SPG (surface profile gage), DPM (dew point meter), SST (soluble salt tester), SHD (shore hardness durometer), and UTG (ultrasonic thickness gage) probes, and it easily converts from a coating thickness gage to the other measurements. Meanwhile, the Elcometer 500 Coating ickness Gauge is a new product aimed at taking faster, easier, and more accurate non-destructive measurements of dry film thickness (DFT). e gage accurately measures DFT on concrete and other cementitious substrates of up to 10 mm (0.4 in.). Users simply select the coating material and start measuring, with no need to set up gates, range values, or know the thickness of the coating. Inspection tool providers are also making a conscious effort across the board to make these types of tools better integrated with modern technologies. " Today's instruments have the ability to interface with PCs, phones, laptops, and more," said James Fusco, technical director at GARDCO. "is demand to analyze, report, and gather statistical results are the trend with integrating all types of peripherals, and it will continue." Informed Decisions In the end, concrete is all around us, which makes for a seemingly endless supply of potential contract jobs. Nonetheless, the popularity and widespread use of this substrate can often make it difficult to properly prepare it for a new system. As such, understanding all the possible phases of a project and how they work together — including moisture measurement, repairs and restoration, surface preparation, coating systems, application tools, and inspection equip- ment — is vital for a contractor to thrive in this environment. Naturally, given the prominence of many concrete substrates, compliance with accepted industry standards and safety protocols is also essential. Our hope is that the solutions and experts cited in this story can assist crews in the months and years ahead as they embark upon these projects. Contractors who are aware of their many options while using best safety and application practices should be cemented as industry leaders for the foreseeable future. CP Cementing Success The parameters of the project may also determine how the system is applied. Spray equipment, rollers, brushes, and squeegees (e.g., Seymour Midwest/Midwest Rake's Easy Squeegee) are common choices for application. Before calling it a day, the system may need to be inspected to ensure it's how the client intended. The Paul N. Gardner Company (GARDCO), for example, offers tools that can measure gloss and haze.

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