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Concrete Dec 2017

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COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED 2017 29 Sauereisen Inc. 160 Gamma Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15238 (412) 963-0303 (412) 963-7620 - fax Versatile Polymer Concrete by Sauereisen in-film coatings and linings are often restorative alternatives that lack longevity in most deteriorated and corroded concrete. Polymer Concretes has 4 times the strength of standard concrete, are more durable, and have exceptional chemical resistance, that provide the end user with a long-term system, with chemical resistance through the entire matrix. Polymer Concrete can be formed, poured and placed back in service within 24-48 hours due to its thermo-setting formulation. In contrast, standard Portland cement-based concrete must be allowed to cure for 28-days prior to applying a protective lining or coating. In addition to providing protection for floors, foundations and pump pads, Polymer Concrete can also be used to repair badly damaged walls. e newly casted polymer concrete offers a fast solution to repairing structural integrity of walls. W hen properly specified and installed, polymer concrete provides a solution for some of the most difficult corro- sion problems. Understanding the capabilities and limita- tions of the different fillers and resin systems within the polymer concrete family is important. As technologies evolve, the chemistry of various formulations proliferates as well. Engineers, architects, maintenance personnel and contractors can create a value-added solution to their corro- sion problems when knowing what to recommend. e wide variety of polymer concrete formulations can make selecting the correct materials a challenge. A few of the more common formulations of polymer concretes include silicates, epoxies and vinyl esters. For environments subject to the highest temperatures and acid concentrations, Potassium Silicate polymer concretes provide optimum protection. e silicates can withstand temperature ranges in excess of 1,4000F (7600C). is chemistry will also withstand most solvents, oils, acids (except hydrofluoric) and acid salts over a pH range of 0.0 to 7.0. For years, Silicate-based Polymer Concrete refractories have provided thermal insulation and chemical protection for flue gas structures in coal burning power facilities. Typical applications are construction of sumps, containment pads, dikes, trenches, and support columns or bases. Epoxy Polymer Concretes, offer low permeability and broad chemical resistance. Epoxies exhibit greater bond strength, lower porosity, and more broad chemical resistance. Compressive strength of epoxies is greater than 10,000 psi. is classification of polymer concretes shows tolerance to a wide spectrum of acids and alkalis over a pH range of 0.0 to 14.0. ese products are often categorized as either general purpose epoxy polymer concrete or as a novolac epoxy. e novolac epoxy resin possesses a greater degree of cross-linking than the standard Bisphenol-A epoxy. Consequently, the novolac resin system offers an upgrade in properties. Among epoxies, novolac systems will tolerate greater chemical concen- trations while exhibiting compressive strength of 16,000 psi. Lastly, Vinylester Polymer Concretes are specified where certain chemicals such as bleaches or oxidizing solutions are present. Like epoxy-resin based polymer concrete, vinylester polymer concretes can be of a general purpose grade as well as a novolac vinylester formulation. Often the temperature environment is a determining factor in selecting one of the organic polymer concretes. Sauereisen, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA specializes in corrosion resistant materials and produces a broad selection of polymer concretes to supplement other product lines including refrac- tories, epoxies, mortars and monolithic barriers. About the Author: John E. Dav is is t he Market ing Specia l ist w it h Sauereisen, Inc., a manufac- t urer of cor rosion-resistant mater ia ls d ist r ibuted globa l ly for severa l indust r ies and f requent ly cont r ibutes to professiona l jour na ls on t he topics of specia lt y mater ia ls and t he rehabi l itat ion of cor rosive & wastewater inf rast r uct ure. Company Profile: Sauereisen Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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