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Concrete Dec 2017

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COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED 2017 37 Is Your Concrete Protection Letting You Down? ThermaCote, Inc. 1369 Herrington Rd. Lawrenceville, GA 30044 (888) 389-0628 ermaCote® is a single component, fluid applied, high-performance acrylic coating for improving corrosion protection, sealing substrates from water and air intrusion and increases U-value and reflectance values of interior and exterior surfaces. e water-based formulation, which weighs about half the weight of water in the wet state, offers a lightweight solution to maintain the structural integrity of exterior concrete walls, beams, ceilings, and roofs. Have you ever had to rework the drawing of a concrete support beam on the exterior of a building to add U-value because of the limitations of a concrete beam? ermaCote® is an excellent solution to this problem and improves the U-value to the beam to assist in eliminating the need to redraw the beam and reduces the added costs of installing an exterior insulation system to provide the required U-value. T he T her maCote® for mulation may be spray applied to nearly a ll inter ior and exter ior substrates to reduce or eliminate ther ma l br idges, air and water infiltration and common ex pansion and contraction issues caused by radiant, convective or conductive heat gain or loss. T he T her maCote® application remains breathable for moisture to escape from the coated substrate and a llows concrete str uctures to remain dr ier and hea lthier, increasing their sustainabilit y for longer per iods. T he T her maCote® for mu- lation includes our 'BMR' (Black Mold Resistant) technol- og y to resist the for mation of a lgae and black mold in hot and humid and, as well, cooler climates and protects your projects in different regions. T her maCote® has been tested and is UL CL A SSIFIED (w ith a zero f lame spread and low smoke development) as a CL A SS A Fire Retardant in all of North A mer ica and includes the Canadian UL . EU R E ACH certified registration and a CE mark for CONCR ETE PROTECTION (which also includes carbonation protection) means that T her maCote® is concrete's best fr iend! T her maCote® maintains annua l compliance w ith C A Section 01350 low-emit- ting products requirements to meet LEEDv4 (Clean A ir Qua lit y [I AQ ] in Classrooms and Offices), Collaborative for High-Per for mance Schools or CHPS and Califor nia's new C A LGreen building code. T her maCote® delivers world-class protection while adher ing to env ironmenta l and human hea lth concer ns. ermaCote, Inc. manufacturing facility is an ISO 9001:2008 registered firm. Having this level of quality control program in place and in-house is important to our team, who are dedicated to continuously advancing our quality control program and our customer commitments. e ISO 9001 Registered Firm designation is one way we deliver the highest quality and best solutions to our clients and appli- cation personnel. From concrete walls to metal roofs to exterior OSB sheathing, ermaCote® delivers high performance and longevity to help your projects last longer and perform more efficiently which helps your wallet, too! Company Profile: ThermaCote, Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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