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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 101 area, thus guaranteeing optimal cures for manufacturers. With three different LED wavelength options (365, 385, or 405 nm), this system's high-inten- sity emitter can be easily mounted to robotic arms or further from the controller without intensity variations. For more information, contact: Dymax, (860) 482-1010, New Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Coatings for Industry, Inc., (CFI) has introduced two new ultraviolet (UV) stable, zero volatile organic compound (VOC) polyaspartic floor coatings: WearCOAT 2020 and WearCOAT 2035. eir innovative formula allows quick cure but still leaves enough time to help preclude roller overlap marks. Both new products contain no VOCs, making them safer for installers to use as well as complying with global environmental regulations. ey also have very low odor, making instal- lation and curing more comfortable for installers and any other build- ing occupants. WearCOAT 2020 is a fast-curing mid-coat, making it ideal for projects where an immediate return to service is critical. It is typically ready for foot traffic in under three hours. e new topcoat, WearCOAT 2035, offers a moderate cure speed to yield a smooth finish designed to help eliminate dry roller overlap marks. For more infor- mation, contact: CFI, (215) 723-0919, New Epoxy Linings for Rail Cars AkzoNobel released two chemi- cal-resistant linings to help the rail industry protect tank and hopper cars from chemical corrosion. e linings are suitable for new rail cars or maintaining existing fleets, thus allowing owners, original equipment manufacturers, and repair shops to simplify their product range while boosting productivity, throughput, and protection. e Devchem 253HS product is a high-solids, one-coat epoxy novolac lining that resists a wide range of corrosive chemicals and solvents over diverse temperatures and pressures. Meanwhile, the Interline 994 is a two-component, chemical-resistant phenolic epoxy novolac lining that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for rail car interiors carrying harsh corrosive liquids and oils at high temperatures, including molten sulfur. For more information, contact: AkzoNobel, (312) 544-7000, Integrated Water Pump for Dust Control e Hilti integrated water pump DSH-P offers strong and portable dust control. Users can simply fill up a bucket of water or use another static water source and attach the DSH-P integrated water pump system to a gas-pow- ered handheld saw to control dust on the jobsite. e pump, which comes with 10 ft. (3.1 m) of hose and is compatible with Hilti 's gas-powered DSH 700-X and 900-X handheld saws, leverages the power of gas saws to produce pressurized water and reduce airborne dust. e DSH-P pump is available as a Hilti fleet item, which provides a one-year repair coverage period with no questions asked, as well as a guaranteed one-day turnaround on repairs. For more infor- mation, contact: Hilti, (800) 879-8000, Self-Priming, Spray-Applied Coal Tar Epoxies Denso North America released a new line of self-priming, spray-applied coal tar epoxies and a coal tar epoxy alter- native to protect steel and concrete substrates against water, wastewater, seawater, alkaline water, and acidic water corrosion. e Protal 600 CTE is a two-part, high build coal tar epoxy that can be applied as a single- or two-coat system, while the Protal 600 CTE Low VOC is a two-part, high-build coal tar epoxy that has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (0.4 lb./gal., 0.05 kg/L). e Protal 650 CTR is a non-car- cinogenic coal tar epoxy replacement, for use when specifications prohibit using coal tar epoxies. It can be applied by brush or sprayed in one coat. For more information, contact: Denso North America, (281) 821-3355, AIA Releases Revised Architect Scope Documents T he A merican Institute of A rchitects (A I A) is releasing the second part of the once-in-a-de- cade 2017 edition of the A 201, New Products & Services

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