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102 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM design-bid-build family of documents for a total of 34 newly revised documents. T his release includes updated versions of the A rchitect Scope documents and many of the frequently used A I A forms. Working w ith architects, contractors, subcon- tractors, and ow ners, the A I A Documents Committee updates this core set of documents ever y 10 years. T his helps ensure that the A I A legal forms and agreements ref lect changes and trends in the industr y, and that the A I A documents remain the indus- tr y standard. T he revised documents are available at the company's website. For more information, contact: A I A , (800) 942-7732, w w Hazardous Area Fluorescent Light With Emergency Backup Larson Electronics announced the release of a new hazardous area f luorescent light w ith an emergency batter y backup w ith 3 hours of emergency run time. T he fi xture is designed for marine wet and damp locations where corrosion-resis- tant f luorescent lights are required, including petrochemical facilities, lubrication pits, oil drilling rigs, solvent/cleaning areas, water treat- ment areas, processing plants, and marine loading docks. T he ATEX-H A LP-EMG -24 -2L-T8 product is a 34 -W hazardous area f luorescent light fi xture that produces 2,652 lm in a 150ยบ beam angle. Built w ith non-cor- rosive materials, including polyester housing reinforced w ith glass fiber, a poured-in gasket for reliable sealing, and an impact-resistant polycarbon- ate lens, the lamp has a 24,000 -hour rated lifespan. For more information, contact: Larson Electronics, (800) 369 - 6671, w w High-Performance, Protective Industrial Rail Car Coatings A xalta Coating Systems announced its new collection of Tufcote protective rail car coatings that are formulated to meet the needs of the industrial rail car and transportation industries. e product line includes easy-to-ap- ply, high-build coatings that deliver superior protection when applied to properly prepared substrates. e company said its expansion into the industrial rail car segment provides the industry with cost-effective products that are designed to protect rail assets and transportation equipment from chemical and corrosion damage, weath- ering, and chipping, all while still maintaining a beautiful finish. e Tufcote coatings are ideal for use on rail cars, steel storage tanks, and heav y equipment. For more information, contact: A xalta Coating Systems, (855) 547-1461, Polymeric Metal Material to Repair Bridges Stronghold Coatings has introduced MM1018, a poly meric metal material used for the repair of concrete and steel bridges, power plants and utility construction projects, offshore drilling rigs, w ind turbines, and other demanding, high-load, critical environments. T his high-performance repair product provides 100 percent volume restoration inside the gap between bearing and construction w ithout machining, according to the company. It combines high compres- sive and shear strength, excellent vibration damping, and long-term corrosion protection in extreme ser vice conditions. It is also resistant to weathering and aging, as well as gasoline, oils, coolants, acids, lye, and more. It is easily applied on the jobsite, even at height, through casting or injection. For more information, contact: Stronghold Coatings, (937) 704 - 4020, w w New Metal Coating Thickness Gage e Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc. (Gardco) released its new PosiTest DFT II to enable superior measurement of coating thickness on all metal substrates. Two models are available, including a ferrous model for non-mag- netic coatings on steel, and a combo model for both non-magnetic coatings on steel and non-conductive coatings on aluminum, brass, and more. Both gages have a bright, high contrast color display with large numbers for better readability. e gage, which offers 60+ readings per minute, conforms to numerous industry standards. Recommended users include powder coatings professionals, paint appli- cators, coating inspectors, painting contractors, and automotive refiners and detailers. e product comes with a two-year warranty. For more informa- tion, contact: Gardco, (800) 762-2478, New & Noteworthy

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