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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 103 Electrical Test, Measurement Meters With Thermal Imaging FLIR Systems, Inc. unveiled six new test and measurement products, including two digital multi-me- ters and a clamp meter featuring FLIR's IGM (infrared guided measurement) technology. Powered by the FLIR Lepton microcamera thermal core, the FLIR DM166 and FLIR DM285 digital multi-meters and the FLIR CM275 clamp meter feature a built-in screen to show heat caused by electrical faults, allowing professionals to find issues faster and more safely. FLIR's announcement also included three new professional-grade digital multi-me- ters: the FLIR DM91 with data logging and wireless connectivity for industrial or bench top work; the FLIR DM66, offering a wide range of test features for electrical and field service profession- als; and the company's most affordable, general-purpose multi-meter, the FLIR DM62. For more information, contact: FLIR, (503) 498-3547, Liquid-Applied, Vapor- Permeable Air Barrier Reflective coatings, sealants, and cements manufac- turer K ARNAK announced the launch of K-NRG Seal VP, a high-performance, vapor-permeable air barrier for above-grade wall application. e barrier's seamless elastomeric membrane seals the build- ing envelope, preventing air passage while allowing vapor permeability. e product is designed to provide the building envelope with superior energy efficiency and mold resistance. e liquid-applied air barrier strongly adheres to most wall construction materials, including exterior gypsum boards, concrete masonry unit (CMU), stone, wood, metal, and damp or dry concrete, making it ideal for multi- story applications. e product requires easy spray application using standard spray equipment. W hen combined with sealants and accessories, K-NRG Seal VP forms a complete vapor-perme- able wall air-barrier system. For more information, contact: K ARNAK, (800) 526-4236, New Products & Services AquataFlex x 505 & 506 AquataFlex x 505 & 506 AquataFlex x 505 & 506 AquataFlex x 505 & 506 AquataFlex x 505 & 506 u n lo c k t h e b e s t o f b o t h w o r l d s u n lo c k t h e b e s t o f b o t h w o r l d s 800.324.2810 | 13105 East 61st Street, Suite A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 © 2016 Raven Lining Systems. Raven Lining Systems is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0118

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