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104 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Dow Introduces VORASURF Polyurethane Additives As part of DowDuPont Materials Science Division's ongoing commitment to providing customers with greater access to expertise and products, more buying options, and reliability, the technologies of Dow Corning's polyurethane additives (PUA) business will now be sold by Dow under the new VOR ASURF Polyurethane Additives family. According to the company, VOR ASURF Polyurethane Additives will address consumer comfort and energy efficiency markets to help meet growing demand for high-performance materials in bedding, footwear, and spray foam. e transition to the VOR ASURF brand name began in November 2017 and will be fully transi- tioned by the end of 2018. Updated product names will feature Dow Corning's "DC" and retain the original product grade numbers. For more infor- mation, contact: DowDuPont, (800) 422-8193, Non-Toxic Corrosion Inhibiting Graffiti Remover e EcoAir Graffiti Remover from Cortec is a semi-viscous liquid used to remove graffiti, inks, and paints from metal, concrete, and wood. e liquid contains a corrosion inhibiting compound to prevent flash rusting and discoloration of metal surfaces after graffiti removal. e property owner or maintenance worker can carry a can of the remover to the site of vandalism and spray it in an even layer over the graffiti to clean the markings off the surface. Meanwhile, the bag-on-valve EcoAir spray can technology allows the graffiti remover to be sprayed 6‒8 inches (15‒20 cm) from the surface in any position, making it easier to apply in difficult to reach areas. For more information, contact: Cortec, (800) 426-7832, Joint Training Programs for Restoration Professionals PROSOCO and CONPROCO have reaffirmed their commitment to product training and support for restoration professionals by co-founding the Restoration Training Collaborative (RTC) initiative. e RTC will develop and host a continuous series of joint training programs for the restoration industry at nationwide locations. e founding members of the RTC each bring a unique specialization required in the repair and maintenance of masonry substrates. PROSOCO makes cleaners and protective treatments for masonry, while CONPROCO provides mortars and repointing solutions for masonry. Classes will be open to multiple disci- plines within the restoration industry, and they will include classroom learn- ing as well as hands-on exercises. For more information, contact: RTC, (800) 255-4255, Higher Productivity for Portable Electrostatic Systems Titan now offers the GM5000 Electrostatic System, a powerful combination of the efficient GM5000 electrostatic gun and the AirCoat air assisted airless sprayer. According to the company, the system delivers a consistent finish, reduces material usage, and increases productivity for contractors. Offering superior ergonomic comfort for operators, the GM5000 electro- static gun uses electrical charges to adhere paint to surfaces for complete cover- age and less overspray. It provides up to 35 percent higher transfer efficiency than conventional air or air-assisted spraying, resulting in less material usage and a cleaner jobsite. In addition, when compared to other electrostatic sprayers in its class, the GM5000 provides up to 20 percent higher trans- fer efficiency and productivity. For more information, contact: Titan, (800) 526-5362, Propane Conversions Available for Vanguard Engines Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power engines are now avail- able for propane conversion through Propane Power Systems. Certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the conversions are available for 11 Vanguard and Commercial Series engines, ranging in displacement from 205cc single-cylinder horizontals up to 993cc BIG BLOCK V-Twin engines. ese certified converted engines allow equip- ment manufacturers to offer propane to customers looking to take advantage of the benefits of propane-powered equipment. Propane Power Systems, a division of R&R Products, worked on Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power engines and leading equipment manufacturers' products to develop the fuel system and mounting conversion kits. For more information, contact: Vanguard Engines, (800) 999-9333, CP New & Noteworthy

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