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12 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM by several hundred tons. e utility developed the thermal-sprayed aluminum (TSA) process for coating monopiles with engineering group Rambøll. During the automated and largely dust-free coating process, a robot with two arc burners sprays a 350-μm (13.8 mils) thick layer of molten aluminum onto the founda- tions. e surface is then sealed with resin. For more information, contact: E.ON, +44 (24) 7619-2000, AIS Acquires Marine Coatings Group U.S. industrial and environmental ser vices provider ASRC Industrial Ser vices (A IS) acquired marine specialty coatings company US Coatings, Inc. (USC). Follow ing the transaction, USC w ill become a component of the construction, maintenance, and repair operating group at A IS. Founded in 2005, USC is know n as a customer-focused, value- added ser vice provider for the marine industr y. T he company specializes in providing interior tank coating, cleaning, and surface preparation ser vices for marine vessel tanks, including cargo, ballast, and freshwa- ter. Additionally, the company applies advanced coatings and protective systems for marine hulls, decks, and superstructures. USC ser ves multiple markets w ithin the marine industr y, including transportation, logistics, tourism, leisure, commercial fishing, and the U.S. federal government. For more information, contact: A IS, (707) 644 -7455, w w Distribution Pact Reached for Abrasive Blasting Cor rosion solutions specia list Presser v sig ned an ag reement for Scot land and of fshore U.K . d istr i- bution r ights w ith Sponge-Jet, a U. S. abrasive blasting technolog y prov ider aiming to boost operator ef f icienc y. Unlike standard blasting methods using water or g r it to blast sur faces in preparation for apply ing coatings, the Sponge-Jet method uses sma l l pieces of sponge as its abrasive substance. " T he Sponge-Jet low dust and low rebound technolog y means that sur face preparation can continue a longside other trades, where prev iously trad itiona l g r it blasting methods required f u l l encapsu lation," said Stuar t Rennie, sa les manager at Presser v. Because of the low dust and low rebound character istics, work spaces are kept to a minimum, and there is less impact upon nor ma l operations. For more infor mation, contact: Sponge-Jet, (603) 610 -7950, w w Tri-Chem as Newest Easycove Eastern Distributor Easycove announced that it has par tnered w ith Tr i- Chem as its most recent Easter n d istr ibutor for Easycove brand cov ing products. T he ag reement inc ludes d istr ibu- tion of 1", 4", and 6" (2.5, 10.2, and 15.2 cm) cov ing products as wel l as their high-per for mance ad hesive. Under this ag reement, Tr i- Chem w i l l prov ide cov ing products to the markets they ser ve throughout the United States. " Tr i- Chem's unique way of doing business prov ides a va luable and innovative way for sel ling Easycove. T hey have a ver y hands- on approach and ex pect 100 percent satisfaction for their custom- ers, ever y time, a l l the time. With their wea lth of ex per ience and ex per- tise, they help their customers focus on qua lit y end resu lts," said Heather O'Br ien, president of Easycove. For 2017 Tank of the Year, People's Choice Winners e municipal water tank in Destin, Florida, was announced as the winner of the 2017 Tank of the Year competition sponsored by coatings provider Tnemec Co., Inc. e legged water tank was selected by a panel of water tank enthu- siasts based on criteria such as artistic value, significance of the tank to the community, and challenges encountered. Meanwhile, the Gaffney, South Carolina, tank was the "People's Choice" winner, having garnered more than 2,400 online votes. e 1-million gal. (3,785.4 m³) elevated water tank is known as the "Peachoid" because it resembles a peach. e Peachoid was considered alongside 11 other committee-determined water tanks for the overall winner. All 12 finalists are featured in the company's 2018 water tank calendar. For more information, contact: Tnemec, (800) 863-6321, Anticorrosion Coating for Baltic Wind Farm Foundations Electric utility E.ON is protecting all 60 steel foundations of the Arkona offshore wind park in the German Baltic Sea with a special anticorrosion coating, making it the first company to fully assemble the monopiles of an offshore wind park with environmen- tally friendly protection technology. During the 25-year operating period, the metal-dissolving corrosion process will be significantly reduced, and deposits into the sea will be decreased Industry Briefs

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