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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 25 using the right tactics to reach your audiences? Having the right recipe in place for marketing success requires sprinkling in a dash of several marketing tactics that work together to create a successful mix. For one company, the right mix could mean lead-generation efforts through trade shows and brand awareness through print/digital advertising, public relations, and social media while another company's mix may focus on thought leadership via content generation, speaking events, and articles and lead gener- ation through product-focused online events and a search-engine optimized website to ensure they are found first. • People: Your team members are your most valuable assets due to their knowledge, experience, and collec- tive reputation in the industry. Be sure to consider which members of the team you should be presenting in the market as thought leaders via speaking events, articles, webinars, and white papers. It's also import- ant to consider how these thought leaders can engage with prospective clients and partners using tools such as social media. • Physical Environment: How are you perceived in the market? As the field of competitors expands, you want to be seen as an established company that can be trusted to deliver results. This could include how your crews appear when they show up at a jobsite (are they professionals who proudly wear your brand and demon- strate your core company values?) and how long you've been active in an industry sector and the results you've delivered. • Process: This can refer to how your services are delivered and used, but with the wealth of marketing tools available, savvy marketers must have a firm grasp on what happens next in their efforts. For example, what happens after a prospective customer completes an online form on your website, after someone sees your advertisement in an industry publication, or after someone clicks your ad online? How do you deliver the next level of information? Or when someone shows interest at a trade show, what is the plan for following up? There should always be a path for every marketing effort that takes a prospective customer from casual interest and research to a signed and paying client. Marketing Savvy REVOLUTIONARY CERAMIC EPOXIES FAST DRYING. SELF-HEALING. EASY TO APPLY. BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT For complete product specifications and test data on our entire line of Induron's ceramic epoxy coatings, call your rep today! P.O. Box 2371 Birmingham, Alabama 35201-2371 (800) 324-9584 | Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0118

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