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26 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Add Some Flavor As you factor in all of the Ps and filter through how to efficiently stretch your marketing spend to maximize your potential reach using multiple tactics, the overall impression and feel you present matters. Effective branding adds flavor to your total marketing mix. e messaging, core values, colors, and images you use in every campaign should make prospective customers know you are the right choice to meet their needs and make them want to work with you. Even if your marketing budget is relatively small, maximize every effort by ensuring you are presenting the right look and messaging to put your company's best foot forward. Building Your Recipe Creating an integrated strategic marketing plan — the complete action plan for your marketing mi x — is a good place to begin in building your recipe for success. Consider how you are currently positioned and perceived in a specific market, which compet- itors are in the sector, what you'd like to achieve, and the key value you offer. You should consider these before selecting which ingredients to use in the mi x. T he right recipe factors in brand awareness, lead generation, and thought leadership using efforts that fit your specific industr y sector. T hese could include news releases and articles, website optimization and social media, event marketing, and email promotion, just to name a few likely possibilities to be included in the marketing mi x. As you build your recipe, adding a dash of this or that to season your marketing mix, opportunities for big wins may reveal themselves. Keep an eye out for these successes that can be leveraged as you expand your market- ing efforts and grow your business. CP Kristy S. Bonner is v ice president of d ig ita l ser v ices for Foster Market ing , a lead ing business- to-business market ing communicat ions f ir m specia l i zing in oi l and gas and t he energ y sector. She has been involved in t he energ y sector for more t han a decade, inc lud ing cur rent ly ser v ing a second ter m as president of t he L afayette Chapter of t he A mer ican A ssociat ion of Dr i l l ing Eng ineers. A s a market ing st rateg ist and long t ime ed itor and w r iter for bot h on l ine and of f l ine publ icat ions, Bonner is a f requent cont r ibutor to t he Foster ing Ideas blog and e-newsletter. For more infor mat ion, contact: Foster Market ing , w w w.foster market Marketing Savvy SUBSCRIBE. IT'S FREE. Get the latest industry news, business tips, and access to thousands of products & solutions. MAKE EVERY PROJECT A SUCCESS STORY. Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0118

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