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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 53 at various points during the two-week application process, which gave Cleavenger a high degree of confidence that any unforeseen issues encountered by his crew could be overcome. "As a coatings guy that has done this for 20-plus years, I trust these companies," Cleavenger explained. "I'm tired of being thrown under the bus by manufacturers that don't want to help the contractor. ese guys are serious about what they're doing, and that's why I've narrowed it down." Prepping for Success e job took place over two weeks in May 2017, and at least half of the time was spent on surface preparation. W hile a four-per- son crew from Freedom Coatings was present for the eventual application, the first week of the project involved Cleavenger preparing the surface personally to ensure the roof would have just the right adhesion for the new system. "Every contractor needs to understand the importance of good surface prep," Cleavenger said. "You've got to sand them [the surfaces]. You can't just go up and pressure wash and apply a coating, because the coating doesn't stick. We wanted to give Throughout the project, the crew was sure to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). That included safety glasses, neoprene rubber gloves, and non-slip rubber boots. The building sat next to a lake, and it was also surrounded by customers and their expensive motorcycles. Overspray was a concern. So, too, was the weather because of pop-up thunderstorms in the springtime. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Fix roof leaks over a major motorcycle dealership with a coating system COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Freedom Coatings, LLC P.O. Box 940 West Fork, AR 72774 (479) 839-2506 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: ~10 employees SIZE OF CREW: 1-4 crew members, depending on project stage PRIME CLIENT: Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson 2885 W County Line Rd. Littleton, CO 80129 (866) 562-7803 SUBSTRATE: Standing seam metal CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Metal in sound condition; flashings were corroding due to water intrusion SIZE OF JOB: 18,500 sq. ft. (1,718.7 m 2 ) on main roof; 1,650 sq. ft. (153.3 m 2 ) on canopies DURATION: ~2 weeks UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » The dealership was surrounded by expensive motorcycles and customers coming in and out of the building, so overspray was a concern. » Wind and afternoon pop-up thunderstorms had to be worked around. » An experimental apparatus was used to hold the spray gun. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Sanded roof mechanically using 17-in. (43.2 cm) Triple S rotary polisher and 8-in. (20.3 cm) battery-powered scrubber in tight spaces » Pressure washed all metal with a concentrated roof cleaner and water using a 4,200-psi (29.0 MPa) pressure washer from DeWalt » Filled in all closures with closed-cell foam and coated with GE Enduris Seam Sealant » Covered all laps and transition points with sealant and GE's clear SCM 2002 silicone caulking using an electric caulking gun » Sprayed roof at a rate of 2 gal. (7.6 L) per 100 sq. ft. (9.3 m 2 ) with GE's Enduris high-solids silicone roof coating, using a Graco airless spray gun mounted to experimental apparatus » Sprayed additional coat at a rate of 3 gal. (11.4 L) per 100 sq. ft. (9.3 m 2 ) » Coated canopies at 0.5 gal. (1.9 L) per 100 sq. ft. (9.3 m²) using Graco's 7900 HD airless sprayer with a pump, hopper, and 175 ft. (53.3 m) of hose with Everest's Kynar primer for weathered Kynar surfaces and a custom-colored acrylic finish coat in green SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore safety glasses, neoprene rubber gloves, and non-slip rubber boots » Used harness and lanyards at all times » Used seam clamps to secure tie-off positions

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