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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 55 at a rate of 2 gallons (7.6 L) per 100 square feet (9.3 m 2 ) with the silicone coating. en, the roof could be painted with the topcoat at a rate of 3 gallons (11.4 L) per 100 square feet (9.3 m 2 ). e versatility of the GE system helped enable that process. "e reason I chose the GE silicone was that it could be tinted to any color," Cleavenger explained. "Second, it's the only silicone coating that you can put down and then come back the next day, a month later, or a year later and recoat. is is the only silicone you can do that with." Applying the silicone to the unique contours of the Harley- Davidson roof presented its own challenges, though. Graco's XTR-7 airless spray gun with a 643 tip was chosen for application, but the traditional methods of application were seen as inefficient. " To manually do these seams on this roof would take two or three days, using employees to manually roll these seams out or manually walk back and forth to spray one side and then the other," Cleavenger said. Considering the abundance of wind, overspray concerns, and propensity for afternoon thunder- storms in Colorado's unpredictable spring climate, the manual route had plenty of risks. Fortunately for Cleavenger's crew, Graco was already open to the idea of testing new solutions for the application of silicone. In response, Cleavenger invented an experimental apparatus to evenly coat both sides of the standing seams and reduce the chance of overspray at the same time. "It's a platform with four wheels on it and two center wheels, and it rides on top of the seams," Cleavenger explained. "It's only 8 inches [20.3 cm] wide and 11 inches [27.9 cm] long, and it has a handle on it for moving it and a gun with an extension pole. en, on the end of that pole is something that looks like a lobster with claws, enabling it to spray material on the seams." Utilizing 210 feet (64.0 m) of 0.5-inch (1.3 cm) high-pres- sure hose and holding the XTR-7 gun, the apparatus was used to apply equal amounts of the coating on each side of the seams, and Graco provided him with an experimental swivel to assist on this particular job. "When they saw this, they flipped," Cleavenger said of Graco's reaction. "It was invented for acrylic coatings, and the amount of time it saved was unbelievable. We were able to spray 18,000 square feet [1,672.3 m 2 ] in six to eight hours in one full day with just two guys. ere is equipment out there that can really improve the bottom line because it can save a lot on labor costs." e canopies were then coated with 0.5 gallon (1.9 L) per 100 square feet (9.3 m²) using Everest's Kynar primer for weath- ered Kynar surfaces and a custom-colored acrylic finish coat in green. For the acrylic coating, Graco's 7900 HD airless sprayer with a pump, hopper, and 175-foot (53.3 m) hose was used for application. "It was tinted green to match the existing aesthetics," Cleavenger said. "ey told me if they went to white, they'd have had to go to the city council to vote on it, so they went back to the original green." No More Leaks! Using that collaborative approach with vendors and manufac- turers, it took only about two weeks working at warp speed for Cleavenger, his crew, and their experimental apparatus to solve a problem at the Harley-Davidson dealership that had been 17 years in the making. "e owner is now leak-free after several heav y rains," Cleavenger said. "And it had been leaking for 17 years! ey're ecstatic. [e owner] told me they're tickled to death." In addition to the main roof over the showroom, the high degree of trust between the client and contractor also led to Cleavenger earning separate assignments to fix a flat roof in the mechanics area as well as a full painting job on the exterior. "ey asked me if I would come back and paint the building, so I sealed the building," he said. "ey wanted a complete full envelope to seal the building up." As a result, the Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson site blasts into 2018 looking as good as it did almost 18 years ago, when it was a brand-new dealership hosting interna- tional events. Vroom vroom! CP Working at heights meant that the crew used harnesses and lanyards at all times. They also used seam clamps to secure tie-off positions throughout the two-week-long job. "The owner is now leak-free after several heav y rains," Cleavenger said. "And it had been leaking for 17 years! They're ecstatic. [The owner] told me they're tickled to death." Roof Restoration

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