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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 67 Rhino Linings Corporation formulates and manufactures high performance epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas and polyaspartic coatings that meet the key demands of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our industry compliant containment and protective coating systems stand up to the most extreme atmospheric exposures and caustic materials. Rhino Linings coatings provide durable monolithic, protective barriers that protect against abrasion, moisture, corrosion, and impact. These coatings are used to increase the life of a variety of industrial and commercial materials, and to be applied to many different substrates. Our impermeable linings and coatings conform to any shape and can be built up to any thickness. Rhino Linings products are engineered to last, ensuring your equipment or assets are protected from the hazardous field conditions. With nearly 30 years of industry experience and a growing product line, the Rhino Linings ® network has expanded to over 2,000 applicators and contractors in more than 80 countries around the world, providing unmatched quality and superior products. With global recognition, Rhino Linings products have been used in many high profile coating projects in the construction, manufacturing, marine, mining and petrochemical industries. Consumers and businesses alike have come to know and trust the quality, strength and durability of Rhino Linings' protective coatings and linings. Rhino Linings Corporation 9747 Businesspark Ave., San Diego, CA 92131 (800) 422-2603 Rhino Linings Corporation ProFILE 2018 ROOF HUGGER ¨ Where can you turn when at some point you can no longer coat a metal roof? Roof Hugger, LLC is the foremost manufacturer of Metal-over-Metal structural sub-framing retro-fit systems. With over 85 million square feet of products installed on existing metal roofs, our products are unique where the existing metal roof remains in place. Many times, over a previously coated roof. Atop our factory-notched sub-framing products, a new metal roof is installed. Roof Hugger systems attach directly to the existing structural roof components and have been found to strengthen the existing roof to accommodate the added weight of the new roof sub-framing. Wind uplift capacity is also increased as well. Each project is designed to meet currently adopted building code requirements using the new metal roof system's ASTM E-1592 test results. Our stock profiles accommodate existing 12-inch on center ribbed panel and 24-inch on center trapezoidal standing seam panels. that are inventoried at four locations and can ship to the jobsite usually within 72 hours after confirmation of the order. Other existing roof profiles and configurations can be manufactured to meet the project demands. Roof Hugger, LLC is a member company of LSI Group, Inc. of Logansport, Indiana. Roof Hugger, LLC (800) 771-1711 • Fax (877) 202-2254 Roof Hugger, LLC ProFILE 2018 Company ProFILE 2018

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