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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2018 75 projects. However, for Sunbelt Flooring, that wasn't the last of the San Bernardino Sheriff 's Department job. "We heard that the coating on the hangar floors was failing and was removed by the original coating contractor. Another coating was then applied, and again, it failed. e coating was once again removed, and the client decided to bring in another coating contractor," explained Kelly. It was at this point that Tnemec, a coatings manufacturer specializing in protecting concrete substrate, recommended Sunbelt Flooring for the job. "W hen we got there, the floor was really messed up. e concrete needed to be completely re-prepped; it was chewed up and not at all ready to receive a new coating system," said Chris Special attention was paid to cer tain areas, such as drains, edges, and joints. Old caulking was removed, and joints were shot-blasted and saw cut to ensure proper adhesion. The crew wore ear protection when prepping. The crew used a mockup of the system to ensure that it would adhere to the concrete, any joints, and the drain, which crossed 60-70 percent of the floor's length. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Prepare and coat the concrete substrate of two hangars at the San Bernardino International Airport after two failed attempts by another contractor COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Sunbelt Flooring, Inc. 14251 Fern Ave. Chino, CA 91710 (909) 606-7623 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 48 employees SIZE OF CREW: 15 crew members PRIME CLIENT: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department 655 E Third St. San Bernardino, CA 92415 (888) 818-8988 SUBSTRATE: Concrete CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Damaged in some areas; needed aggressive surface preparation SIZE OF JOB: 46,000 sq. ft. (4,273.5 m²) total DURATION: 20 days UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » The crew completed a mockup of one section of one of the hangars to ensure the coating system would adhere to the substrate as well as to all joints and the trench drain that stretches 60-70 percent of the length of the hangar. » Gouges in the floor were evened out with a thicker coating of Tnemec 210 epoxy. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Exposed ¼ inch (0.6 cm) concrete aggregate using BlastPro shot blasters and Concrete Polishing Solutions grinders to achieve a concrete surface profile (CSP) 6-7 » Hand removed the caulking from all joints; shot-blasted and saw cut them to ensure proper adhesion » Squeegeed and back rolled ~12 wet mils (304.8 microns) of AC Tech 2170; flooded all joints with AC Tech 2170 » Installed Tnemec 210 Even Flow SL system with a notched squeegee at a thickness of 60-70 wet mils (1,524.0-1,778.0 microns) » Applied Tnemec 248 urethane topcoat at an average thickness of 3 wet mils (76.2 microns) using a dip and roll technique SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, boots, and respirators with charcoal dust filters » Wore ear protection during the surface preparation process

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