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76 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Gierlich, project manager for Sunbelt Flooring. Kelly agreed, adding, "e job was just not properly done. It appears that a vapor barrier wasn't applied initially. e coating was bubbling and failing before it was removed. e removal of the coating system left the concrete in pretty bad shape." With the concrete in desperate need of some major tender loving care, the 15-man crew got started on the surface prepa- ration process. Using BlastPro shot blasters and Concrete Polishing Solution grinders, the Sunbelt Flooring team exposed ¼ inch (0.6 cm) of concrete aggregate to achieve the proper surface profile. "We prepped the concrete aggressively to a CSP [Concrete Surface Profile] 6‒7," said Gierlich. CSP refers to the standardized measure for the "roughness" of a surface. e International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) defined these measurements, and they range from a very smooth surface (CSP 1) to a very rough surface (CSP 9). e proper CSP of a floor will be decided by a number of factors, including the type of coating being installed (thicker applica- tions require rougher surfaces), the conditions of the project (what type of equipment can be used in the space), and the condition of the substrate (damaged concrete often requires a more aggressive concrete surface profile). "Because of the high-build Tnemec slurry epoxy system we were going to install, the damage level of the substrate, and the fact that the large space allowed for shot blast equipment and walk-behind grind- ers, we were able to achieve the desired CSP 6‒7," said Gierlich. In addition, special attention had to be paid to the joints in the concrete substrate. e crew hand removed the caulking from all joints, then shot blasted and saw cut them to ensure proper adhesion would occur when the moisture barrier and coating system were applied. "With such a large area and so many joints, we really wanted to make sure that the joints would not be an issue down the road. We wanted to avoid peel-up issues and failing in these areas," said Kelly. The Moisture Factor Knowing that moisture in the concrete was a huge issue when the original coating system was applied, the Sunbelt Flooring crew knew they needed to install a top notch moisture mitiga- tion system. According to Kelly, the Sunbelt team decided to go with AC Tech 2170, a two-component, 100 percent reactive solids, vapor reduction epoxy that has been tested to contain no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and almost no detectable odor. As stated by the technical data sheet for the product, the AC Tech 2170 coating was tested to contain less than 0.00000 VOC emissions. AC Tech 2170 is compatible with most flooring systems and adhesives, uses an easy-to-spread epoxy resin, and remains bonded to properly prepared concrete with sustained alkalinity levels as high as pH14. "is material holds up to 20 pounds of vapor drive, and the concrete floors The s econd layer, Tnem ec 210 Even Flor SL, wa s s queegeed to a thickness of 60-70 wet mils (1,524.0-1,7 78.0 microns). The topcoat, Tnemec 248 urethane, wa s dipped and rolled to ~3 wet mil s (76. 2 microns). The first layer that the crew applied wa s about 12 wet mils (304.8 microns) of AC Tech 2170. That was squeegeed and backrolled, and it was also used to flood the joints. Epoxy for Hangars VENDOR TEAM 3M Safety equipment manufacturer 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144 (800) 364-3577 Allied Construction Technologies, Inc. Material manufacturer 3302 Croft St. Norfolk, VA 23513 (800) 607-5523 BlastPro Manufacturing, Inc. Equipment manufacturer 6021 Melrose Lane Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 491-6464 Concrete Polishing Solutions Equipment manufacturer 184 Cedar Pl. Norris, TN 37828 (877) 472-8200 Tnemec Inc. Coating manufacturer 6800 Corporate Dr. Kansas City, MO 64120 (800) 863-6321

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