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94 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Never Again Cross-sectin view of damaged surface By Roland A. Vierra, President and CEO of FLOORING FORENSICS Inc. Photos courtesy of FLOORING FORENSICS Inc. The Case of the Spotted School Floors I was called in to look at a coating application by a long-time client. e client could only describe the problem as one of "spots." e coatings were applied on the floors of eight large commercial bathrooms of a newly built science building at a local college campus. is was a high visibility project; the build- ing was newly occupied and named after a well-known congresswoman. Looks mattered. e spots were first noticed the day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and they have only worsened as time in service continued. e claim against my client, the coating contractor, had been on-going for a good six months prior to my retention, meaning everyone was already frustrated, agitated, and wanted answers now. My first job was to calm the waters enough to give myself some breath- ing room to do my job right. I calmly explained to my client as well as to the general contractor, who I had some goodwill with through previous work relationships, and the college admin- istration what my plan of action would be, including an anticipated timeline. Everyone, naturally, wants answers now, but I counter that answers without the appropriate diligence are likely to have us back where we started, in this case meeting in the 4th floor bathroom again in six months looking at the same, or similar, problems. With everyone on board, it was time to get to it! Diligence in gathering all of the information is key. And each project is different, so a coating problem that may have been the cause of poor surface prep on one job does not mean that it's the same cause on the next one.

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