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96 JANUARY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM I started preparing my report soon after the samples were sent to the lab. is is a standard practice for me. I can at least document my visual observa- tions into report form while awaiting the results from the lab. As is the case when working with any professional (i.e., a busy, indepen- dent laboratory), the time from sample submission to final results is sometimes long. In this case, results took about five weeks. To me, the time is well spent: the services of a professional, independent testing lab that takes its time to get the answers right are invaluable. I tried to circumvent everyone's anxiety during this waiting period by giving periodic updates via e-mail: simple little notices such as " lab has received samples," " lab has concluded surface microscopy," etc. ese notices help assuage the anxiety that every- one develops when awaiting a verdict. Plus, it allows everyone to feel that their issues are being addressed. Determining the source of coating problems isn't a pleasant experience. The Results Are In! Fina l ly, the test resu lts were in, and the resu lts were not a sur pr ise, at least not to me. e lab confirmed that the surface scratches were the result of surface abrasions, likely caused during maintenance. e embedded material was a combination of dirt and deter- gent residue. e coating itself met the manufac- turer's requirements for physical characteristics in terms of hardness. No deficiency with the coating was identified. e cause of the spots was concluded to be damage caused by improper and overly aggressive maintenance practices. Naturally, when I gathered the maintenance background information from the college, no mention of any abrasive cleaners or tools was ever given. In fact, the information provided by the college read almost like a text book coating care instruction sheet. e floor, however, was telling a completely different story, and believe me, the floor will always tell the true story of what it's been through. I called my client, the coating applicator, to explain my findings, and after a short telephone call, my client asked if I would call the general contractor and explain my results. e response from the general contractor (GC) was, I suppose, to be expected, but it still took me aback. e GC essentially stated that he could not go to the college with my results because my results implicated the college maintenance staff as the cause of the damage. So I asked the GC a simple question: "Are you rejecting my conclusions?" A lthough the GC assured me that he was not rejecting my conclusions, he had been positive that the result of the investigation would show that the failure was related to the contractor's installation of the Spotted School Floors Obvious abrasion to the coating surface Surface from control core sample

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