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10 SURFACE PREP 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM the location of the job, fall protection may also be required. Companies including RPB Safety, Superior Glove, Ty vek by DuPont, and Warwick Mills are among the numerous PPE suppliers that can be of service to contractors in the overall safety capacity. Power Play Once a safe plan is in place for a project, one of the first steps when a contractor hits the jobsite is often determining whether the site has an existing power source to power the equipment to be used in surface preparation activities. If the site does not, or if the power requirements are greater than what can be supplied through the grid, mobile generators are often required. Makinex offers a complete generator range to provide power for equipment and tools, floor grinding, welders and brick saws, air compressors, and more. e range includes what the company says is the most compact generator on the market, at just 20.3 inches (51.5 cm). Even if a generator is brought on site, though, many jobs also require the aforementioned air compressors to power the pneumatic tools. Doosan provides a full line of air compres- sors with a wide range of pressures, ranging from 185 cfm to 1,600 cfm (5.2‒45.3 m³/min.). Briggs & Stratton is another supplier in this space. Water Works With tools ready, a common initial surface preparation technique is to clean the substrate and remove old coatings and contaminants through the use of a pressure washer. Pressure washers can be used on concrete, steel, and roof substrates, with options including cold- and hot-water models and varying pressures all the way up to ultra-high pressure waterjetting. W hile cold pressure washers can handle basic tasks such as washing away dirt and mud, industry experts say projects involving more complex contaminants, such as grease and grime, may require hot-water models. "It is important to note hot water cleans 20 percent faster and more efficiently than cold water for dirt, grime, tire tracks, antifreeze, oil, and grease," said Tom Sherwood, senior systems consultant and sales manager at industry supplier Hotsy. ough machines of varying pressure are avail- able, Sherwood cautions contractors to be aware of the consequences of using too much pressure. " Too much pressure can mar or damage the surface being cleaned," Sherwood said. As a result, when washing flat surfaces, Sherwood believes the volume or gallons per minute (GPM) of a pressure-washing machine is just as important as the pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. "e more GPM the machine produces, the faster the stain or foreign objects are washed due to the flush and flow of the water in carrying off soils and debris," he said. Another trick could be to combine the use of a cold- or hot-water pressure washer with a flat surface cleaner. "Surface cleaners have been on the market for years and have been a great addition to cold- or hot-water surface prep," Sherwood said. "Hand-held pressure washing on concrete and flat surfaces is a tedious and tiring chore, and often the end result is 'zebra striping' that is not only unsightly, but it fails to get the surface clean. Flat surface cleaners eliminate zebra striping and leave the entire surface uniform in appearance and cleanliness." Mi-T-M is another pressure-washing equipment manufacturer with more than 400 models of both cold- and hot-water pressure washers. Mi-T-M also supplies air Succeed at Surface Prep One method of prep is power washing, which comes hot or cold. According to Tom Sherwood for Hotsy, using a surface cleaner may help avoid what's called "zebra striping." There is such a thing as too much water. To test for moisture, companies such as Wagner Meters, offer tools to measure moisture in commercial and industrial settings.

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