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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2018 11 compressors, portable generators, vacuums, portable heaters, and water pumps. On more complex jobs, high-pressure waterjetting may be necessary depending on the depth of contaminants. Jetstream of Houston, LLP is one company that specializes in this space, and products such as its newly released MagJet X40 self-powered rotating nozzle with a maximum pressure of up to 43,500 psi (299.9 MPa) are suitable for tougher jobs. "One of the main differences that our tool presents is to just add water," said Christa Casaccia, marketing communi- cations manager at Jetstream. "No other fluids are needed for it to run. It is used in shot-gunning applications where the surface needs a tough cleaning. e MagJet can strip through paint, rust, and many other materials to expose the origi- nal surface." e MagJet nozzle can be used in tandem with other machines, such as the company's Jetstream FX Tornado spinner gun. Jenny Products is another supplier of many of these types of products, including cold and hot pressure washers, steam cleaners, combination units, cleaning chemicals, wash-water recycling systems, cabinet washers, ventilation equipment, and air compressors. Excess Moisture W hile moisture is often a key component of cleaning opera- tions, too much of it can create its own problems. For instance, with leaky roofing substrates, adding more water would be a problem. Equipment such as leaf blowers and shovels may make more sense in addition to or in place of power washers. Another moisture issue may occur when dealing with a concrete slab: excessive water can lead to poor adhesion and a premature failure for the new coatings. Heating, ventila- tion, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is often needed to keep a project on course, with many coatings requiring precise levels in order to cure properly. Ventilation is neces- sary during the installation of many floor coatings, most notably those involving MMA (methyl methacalate) products. Venting can help in keeping vapor concentrations below maximum exposure limits, for controlling odor, and to assist in the curing of material by removing vapor from the surface. If high humidity is an issue, companies such as Aggreko offer both desiccant and refrigerated dehumidifiers. e desiccant dehumidifiers range from 375 cfm to 25,000 cfm (0.18 to 11.80 cfs) in a single unit, while the refrigerant dehumidifiers range from 15-ton (13.6 metric tons) to 60-ton (54.4 metric tons) units. " Typically when doing surface preparation on a steel structure, specifications call for an interior temperature of ~70 °F [21.1 °C] and relative humidity at 50 percent or less," said Molly LeCronier, a marketing professional represent- ing Aggreko. "General surface preparation guidelines call for approximately a 20-degree dew point spread. Without temperature or humidity control equipment, after the struc- ture has been blasted and the original coating has been removed, the bare metal will experience a browning effect and begin to rust if there is too much humidity." Aggreko also offers in-line electric heaters ranging from 30 kW to 150 kW to be used in conjunction with desiccant dehumidifiers, as well as indirect fired heaters ranging from 250,000 btu to 700,000 btu. On concrete substrates, these heaters can be used to help dry the surface and also to aid in the curing of a new coating, thus speeding up the drying time. Sunbelt Rentals and United Rentals are companies that can rent this type of equipment to contractors. To measure moisture, Wagner Meters is one of several companies offering products to test moisture levels in both industrial and commercial settings. e in situ RH testing of Wagner's Rapid RH system combines a smart sensor and reader to provide accurate, instant readings at a touch. "One reason people prefer the Rapid RH is because of our single- use sensor," said Jason Spangler, flooring division manager. "As part of the Rapid RH 4.0 EX system, this sensor is ideally suited for contractors, flooring/coating installers, and others who require fast, accurate results but don't want to bother with the calibration verification process required with reusable sensors." Wagner also offers a Rapid RH Datamaster App for mobile devices, allowing users to read, record, and report results immediately. Tramex and Extech are other examples of companies that offer moisture measure- ment products. Chemical Treatment If the substrate on a given project is steel, the contractor may need to deal with any residual soluble salts left on the surface. To eliminate these salts from the surface, chemical additives Succeed at Surface Prep continued on page 16 Succeed at Surface Prep Visible and unseen contaminants need to be addressed. According to Joyce Wolf of Barton, unseen chlorides can lead to "a condition called osmotic blistering. The result is corrosion under the coating and premature coating failure."

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