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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2018 21 HoldTight Solutions Inc. P.O. Box 27907 Houston, TX 77227 (713) 266-9339 ext. 202 Achieve 100% Cleanliness in One Simple Step It's no secret that coatings last longer and perform better on a clean surface. Most cleaning methods, however, cause problems of their own. Dry blasting shatters the rust and coating on the surface and embeds abrasive contaminants to become stuck into the roughened surface. Wet abrasive blasting with untreated water causes flash rust. Other salt removers only remove a few salts, while replacing them with other salts and leaving behind an acidic, conductive residue. With HoldTight®, however, there are NO contaminants, NO flash rust, and NO residue or film. HoldTight® completely removes all salts and there- fore all conductivity. It also removes abrasives and debris from the surface's profile providing a better surface area to bond with coating. Since HoldTight® leaves a clean, rust-free surface for up to 72 hours, large areas of structures can be blasted and cleaned completely before coating application, instead of having to be coated immedi- ately after blasting every day. HoldTight® can be worked into any blasting process to achieve a totally clean surface, with zero flash-rust and zero residue left behind. HoldTight® is a clear, simple additive with visible results, eliminating both natural and artificial contaminants. At sea or on land, HoldTight® is safe to use and compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, including steel, concrete, fiberglass, aluminum, composites, and more! HoldTight® is a wet blasting additive that decreases the water's surface tension, allowing it to get into the pores of the surface and remove ALL contamination, including salts, acids, abrasives, light oils, and greases. HoldTight® leaves behind zero unwanted residue, and evaporates with the water, providing a surface that is thoroughly clean and ready for a tightly adhered coating bond for up to 72 hours. Blasting water treated with HoldTight® onto a surface prior to coating removes all naturally-occurring contami- nants (salts, acids, conductives). HoldTight® also removes byproducts of the blasting process (shattered abrasives, dried paint) lodged within the pores of the surface, allowing for the most adhesive bond possible between the surface and the coating. HoldTight® is safe and effective on a wide variety of surfaces, delivering superior surface preparation, with proven results on land, at sea, on storage tanks, on bridges, on oil rigs and even for specialty projects like restoring vintage cars. e cleanest surfaces are achieved when the product is used in both the blast and wash-down cycles at a 50 - 100 (water to HoldTight® 102) ratio. HoldTight® is the only product that extends the life and value of your assets for just pennies per application. Save time and money with HT 365™, a new thin film coating that can be applied to blasted surfaces, preserving the blast and preventing flash rust and corrosion for up to one year. HT 365™ can be applied to untreated surfaces or those that have been treated with HoldTight® 102. By preserving the blast for up to one year, HT 365™ allows your crew to work with maximum efficiency, giving you peace of mind that your surface is properly prepped for a quality coating - even if the project cannot be completed right away. is new product is easily applied by brush, spray or dipping and easily removed by high pressure washing with HoldTight® 102-treated water. Company Profile: HoldTight Solutions Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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