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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2018 45 Wagner Meters (844) 521-1213 WFP200 Concrete Flooring Package for Fast, Accurate Moisture Measurement On every concrete flooring project, be sure you assess the true moisture condition of the concrete slab before applying coatings or other finished floor products. Otherwise, you risk a catastrophic moisture-related flooring failure. Concrete moisture measurement is best done using in situ relative humidity (RH) testing, the only method that's scientifically proven for accuracy and reliability. For fast, convenient RH testing, you' ll want to consider the WFP200 Concrete Flooring Package by Wagner Meters. It's a combo kit for coatings professionals who require speed and accuracy when measuring concrete moisture before applying coatings. e WFP200 Concrete Flooring Package includes: • The Rapid RH® Starter Kit • Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader • A Convenient Foam-Lined Carry Case e WFP200 Concrete Flooring Package combines the accurate moisture testing of the Rapid RH® 4.0 EX test method with the wireless data transfer capabilities of the Bluetooth® Smart Reader. en you simply add the conve- nient DataMaster™ app (available for purchase) to enjoy COMPLETE data integrity, including job site mapping capability and seamless transfer of all your RH data to your mobile device. It doesn't get any easier than that! For more information about the WFP200 and other great moisture measurement tools from Wagner Meters, call (844) 521-1213 or visit Company Profile: Wagner Meters SPONSORED CONTENT Moisture Measurement in Concrete Slabs Webinar Wagner Meters is proud to offer "Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs," a webinar presented by Howard Kanare, a leading expert on con- crete moisture issues. Kanare speaks about breakthrough scientifi c data that seriously challenge what we have be- lieved regarding traditional methods for moisture testing of concrete slabs. This free presentation was created to bring you the most current informa- tion on accurate moisture testing of concrete slabs. When: For times and dates, please visit online at: or email or call (844) 521-1213. Registration: This webinar is available by invitation only and online seating is limited. Please contact Wagner Meters today to reserve your seat for this groundbreaking presentation.

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