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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2018 47 How to Optimize Surface Preparation Winoa USA/Canada (800) 207-4691 Mexico +52 818 032 8318 W Abrasives can help you Reduce residual dust and Soluble salt concentration while improving Profile consistency and Surface Cleanliness ! It is very well known that coating failure is attributed to improper or ineffective surface preparation in 75% of the cases studied and the coating or coating application proce- dure only negatively affected 25% of cases. W Abrasives, the World 's leading manufacturer of cast steel Shot and Grit, has developed solutions, tools, service and technologies to improve all aspects of Preparing Surfaces. Abrasive Conductivity: e presence of soluble salts (mostly chlorides and sulfates) at the steel/paint interface is known to have a detrimental effect on coating life. rough our unique Air Quenching Process, W Abrasives steel shot and grit achieve conductivity levels at or lower than 30 µS/ cm, significantly below ASTM D4940 low level value, but also much lower when compared to our competitors that are using a water quenched process or Non-metallic abrasives (typically between 250 µS/cm to 600 µS/cm or even higher). Surface Cleanliness: T he only approved method to determine surface cleanliness is the visual reference using a series of photographs (SSPC V IS-1), being operator depen- dent and subjective. W Abrasives, through our Technolog y division, has developed an exclusive tool called the WA Clean. T his device objectively evaluates the cleanliness level of a blasted surface. T his tool has helped our custom- ers lower their costs by optimizing their blasting process to avoid over-blasting. Surface Profile: Using our WA 3D technolog y tool, it is now possible to visualize the roughness profile of a blasted surface in the form of a 3D representation. is technol- ogy opens up the possibility of using roughness parameters that were impossible to access up to now. Combined to some High Performance Premium Steel Media, your surface profile consistency, equipment maintenance cost and your produc- tivity level will all be optimized. Residual Dust: e Iso 8502-3 standard that regulates this aspect is quite ambiguous. at's why Winoa has devel- oped a new technology for an objective and more accurate evaluation of it. It's named WA Dust. Combined with high quality abrasive media, you will be able to monitor, control and reduce dust levels on steel surfaces. High Efficiency Abrasive Media: W Abrasives has developed many Premium metallic abrasives to deal w ith increasingly binding surface preparation specifications. Ex: Our Surf ium product, used in W heel Blast machines, can achieve improved cleaning performances up to 20% and reduction in residual dust up to 15% versus commonly used steel media – while improving operating mi x and surface profile consistency. For more information or for a visit with one of our specialists, call 800-207-4691 or visit Company Profile: Winoa SPONSORED CONTENT

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