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COATINGSPRO SURFACE PREP 2018 7 Easycove ® - Better by Design expansion coefficient similar to epoxy, Easycove® coving features a flexibility which helps to eliminate cracking and separation between dissimilar materials under thermal cycling conditions. Unique Customization - W hile Easycove® coving comes in standard gray and is easily coated, Easycove® coving can be custom ordered in the colour of your choice. Easycove® continues to focus on quality business partner- ships throughdistributorship, with flooring professionals and hands-on expertise, delivering outstanding professional service and coving products. *DoveLock™ Bringing unique engineering to the flooring market place. Easycove®'s understanding of cove base in the resinous flooring industry, as well as its consumer's sense of direction, has proved useful for meeting the demands for quality cove based products in the resinous flooring industry. Easycove® coving can be mitered to any angle, and with the added feature of our DoveLock™ interlocking bond channels, can accommodate any inside or outside angle. Demand in this industry continues to express an interest in pre-formed corners, and Easycove® has responded with our newly developed cove corners. Each Easycove® pre-formed cove base corner replicates the unique DoveLock™ engineering, and further encourages saving time, reductions in materials and labor costs, and continued ease of typical coving installations. Mechanical Bond - Easycove's cove anchor and DoveLockTM interlocking bond channels offers a watertight design. W hen using the Easycove® adhesive, the cove is mechanically locked to the substrate, eliminating moisture intrusion and their associ- ated hazards such as mold and mildew. Superior Flexibility—Manufactured to have an Easycove 872 S. Milwaukee Ave. Suite 234 Libertyville, IL 60048 (847) 972-2131 Company Profile: Easycove SPONSORED CONTENT The Easycove pre-formed cove system is the best on the market and C2M is excited to be distributing this product throughout Canada. Find a Distributor near you by calling: or online at: 847-972-2131 " " Rick Dunn, C2M Supply 1 833 226 0001 | Heather O'Brien President Call Heather about our Distributor Opportunities or Integral cove base is required in a majority of all specified resinous flooring projects in the USA. The process of installing resinous cove base requires layout, wall and floor preparation, masking or installation of screed strips to the wall, priming the wall and floor, troweling in the cove material, letting it cure, abrading to remove imperfections and snots, grout filling of the cove and coating. In a recent survey, Easycove ® was rated 100% for high quality and usefulness. Industry trends show Easycove® has been extremely effective in Restaurants and Healthcare facilities, where fast installation, seamless and sanitary conditions are crucial. The uniqueness of Easycove ® makes cove base installation easy and seamless, with a greater approval status from architects across the USA. Easycove®, a patent pending pre-formed cove system, is Better By Design. Easycove contains engineered DoveLock™ Bond Channels and a Cove Anchor to create a tenacious, mechanical bond between the wall, floor and cove that will not crack like traditional troweled cove base. It is 10 times faster to install than hand troweled cove base and can be installed and finish coated in a single day. We haven't seen many cove solutions perform at that level. ANTI CAULK BEVEL FIRE RESISTANT COVE ANCHOR EXTERIOR SURFACE PROFILE CSP 3 DOVELOCK™ BOND CHANNELS DISTRIBUTOR

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