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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2018 13 studies and lessons learned. Learning objectives are to discuss various codes of ethics and their applications, discuss reporting requirements and potential penalties for ethical violations, list and explain the professional and ethical responsibilities of a civil engineer, and apply standards of professional and ethical responsibility to determine an appropriate course of action. e webinar, which includes a discussion of the responsibility engineers hold for public safety, will be presented by Oklahoma State University professor Norbert J. Delatte, Jr. For more infor- mation, contact: ACI, (248) 848-3700, MasterSpec Developer ARCOM Rebrands as Avitru For 30 years, architects and engineers have utilized MasterSpec content developed by specification writers at ARCOM. Recently, ARCOM rebranded itself as Avitru, inspired by Roman master builder Marcus Vitruvius. e company says its Avitru brand will provide a modern software platform to harness and share knowledge and expertise to enable better building. e rebranding process began when ARCOM was acquired in late 2016 by private equity firm A lpine Investors. ARCOM then purchased InterSpec, a specifications software specialist in early 2017, and the two compa- nies were combined. Avitru remains in partnership with the American Institute of Architects, and together they will continue to offer MasterSpec, which serves as the industry's guide for building specifications. For more information, contact: Avitru, (800) 424-5080, Huntsman Presents Low-Temperature Curing Agents Hu ntsm a n at tended t he C h i n aCoat 2017 conference i n Sh a ng h a i, C h i n a , i n November 2017 a nd presented a n i n- dept h tec h n ic a l present at ion on t he feat u res of its A R A Cool low-temperat u re c u r i ng agents. P resenters d isc u ssed t he produc t 's brea k t h roug h i n i mprov i ng c u r i ng speed s bet ween 0 °C a nd 10 °C (32 °F a nd 50 °F). " T h is new ra nge of produc ts solves t h ree ke y c h a l lenges t h at t he coat i ngs i ndu st r y is fac i ng: fa ster c u r i ng at low temperat u res, reduced VOC [vol at i le orga n ic compou nd] em issions, a nd compl i- a nce w it h t he post-2018 EU R E ACH reg u l at ions," sa id coat i ngs e x per t Yuepi ng Da i. Eac h of t he t h ree c u r i ng agents u nder t he A R A Cool ser ies of fers a spec i f ic benef it, i nc lud i ng su r face tolera nce, e x tended pot l i fe, a nd a mu lt i- pu r pose h a rdener w it h no VOCs. For more i nfor m at ion, cont ac t: Hu ntsm a n, (8 8 8) 56 4 - 9318, w w ntsm a Coatings Project for Geothermal Power Plants T he development of novel cor ro - sion-resistant coatings for high-temperature geother ma l appli- cations is being f unded as a project w ith Hor izon 2020 — a European Union Research and Innovation prog ram w ith ~ €80 bi l lion of f und ing avai lable over a span of seven years. Cambr idge, United K ingdom-based T W I, an independent research and technolog y organization w ith ex per tise in mater ia ls joining and eng ineer ing processes as applied in industr y, is coord inating the project, dubbed Geo - Coat. Accord ing to T W I, the Geo - Coat target is to desig n new high-per for mance coatings to resist specif ied threats, or combina- tions of threats, as ex per imenta l ly der ived at key fai lure points w ithin geother ma l power plants. T he project w i l l last for three years, w ith par tners coming f rom the United K ingdom, Iceland, Romania, and Nor way. For more infor mation, contact: T W I, +4 4 1223 - 899000, w w w.t w i-globa CP THICKNESS MEASUREMENT OF PROTECTIVE COATINGS Robust, fast and reliable For ships, bridges, off-shore plat- forms, pipelines and structures Measures in accordance with SSPC-PA2, IMO-PSPC and others From basic "readings only" to stats and detailed inspection plans Surface Profile Measurement Easy and affordable ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Accurate and precise measurement of coating thickness with the Fischer FMP Series Coating Thickness Material Analysis Microhardness Material Testing (860)683-0781 Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0318

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