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MAR 2018

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2018 29 e IM would not be gently pushing paper from location to location or take the place of a 20th century file clerk. Instead, the IM would be working within the digital world to ensure that the right information is created or assembled for both design and construction work. is means that he or she would need to be conversant in the many technical solutions used by his or her compatriots on whichever side of the design/build fence they are, such as BIM software, clash detection and coordination products, databases of all stripes, and supply chain manage- ment software. What Can You Do Future IMs: It's important to take on scope that can reduce risk to the project. is may include: • Preliminary project descriptions • Review of estimates (or creation of estimates) • Review of design documents for materiality and assemblies (or creation of assemblies) • RFQ/RFP management for acquisi- tion of delegated designers and trade subs • Trade sub coordination meetings (for materiality issues not scheduled) • Assist with bid package development W here does the innovation and service that you intended to make attractive to customers come from? Start by delivering added value. As stated at the beginning of the article, current generation specifiers already handle a great deal of risk for the project, which is unrecognized. Get the right audience to hear what you can offer. Owners carry the ultimate risk for the job, seconded in risk by the general contractor. Get their ears. Price your work like you mean it. W hy? Because you have special knowledge about multiple products and assemblies that most architects and most general contractors do not have. Owners will pay for that knowledge. Catching one or two significant mistakes balances a lot of your fee. CP M a rc Ch av ez, FC SI , A I A , CC S, CCC A , i s a tec h n ic a l d i rec tor at Perk i n s+Wi l l . He h a s been i nvolved i n t he c reat ion of a w ide va r iet y of new bu i ld i ngs a nd h i stor ic restorat ion s. H i s e x per t i se i n a rc h itec t u ra l prac t ice i s centered on doc u ment produc t ion , s pec i f ic at ions , a nd const r uc t ion m a n agement . He h a s been ac t ive ly conduc t i ng m ater i a l resea rc h for con st r uc t ion for more t h a n 20 yea rs. For more i n for m a- t ion , cont ac t : M a rc C h avez , (20 6) 939- 4924 , m a rc.c h avez@ perk i nsw i l l .com Specifying Success WE TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF COATING AND LINING YOUR PRE-STRESSED... VULCAN PAINTERS INC. P.O. Box 1010 • Bessemer AL 35021 • Vulcan Painters covers everything concrete, from coatings and linings for wet environments, to secondary containment systems for harsh chemical exposures, to the lining on sewer pipe. We were among the first contractors to earn QP8, SSPC's certification for installing polymer coatings or surfacings on concrete and other cementituous surfaces. Get the extra layer of corrosion protection your concrete structures need! Call Vulcan Painters, 205-428-0556, ext. 735, or email Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0318

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