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30 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Safety Watch T here are several factors that make death "traumatic" for witnesses and survivors. According to Death and Trauma: The Traumatolog y of Grieving by Charles R. Figley, those factors include: • suddenness or lack of anticipation of the fatality, • mutilation, • preventability and randomness, • multiple-fatality scenarios, and • the survivor's personal encounter with a significant threat to survival or the fatality itself. T he presence of one or more of these factors generates post-trau- matic stress, which is sig nif icant ly g reater than the stress associated w ith an ord inar y fata lit y. A nd trag ica l ly, most of these factors are present when constr uction site injur ies and fata lities occur. Leaders distinguish themselves from supervisors in the ways in which they respond to such events. As said by Julie T. Sanford in "Leading during loss: Death of a beloved faculty member," leading through a workplace fatality can be challenging for even the most prepared and gifted. In the Wake of an Accident According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 4,300 worker fatalities occurred in the private industry during the 2015 calendar year. On average, 93 worker fatalities occur per week in the United States. Of that figure, 21.4 percent occurred in the construction industry alone. e coatings industry is no excep- tion. e installation and construction of coating membranes occur in indus- trial and manufacturing settings, as well as construction sites and similar environments. e coatings industry and its employees are inextri- cably linked with construction, and in practice, most coatings applicators will face the greatest hazards present on most of today's work sites. For example, falls — a hazard commonly encountered during coating application and installation — accounted for 38.8 percent of fatalities in construction during 2015, and falls are the leading cause of death in any industry. Compounding this level of risk are other coatings-specific hazards, such as frequent exposure to toxic and flammable materials (e.g., Toluene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone, epoxy resins, and anti-fouling paints, according to OSHA). In short, the serious injury or death of coating applicators on The coatings industry and its employees are inextricably linked with construction, and in practice, most coatings applicators will face the greatest hazards present on most of today's work sites. By Travis S. McConnell, Construction Law Attorney with Cotney Construction Law, LLP. Managing Tragedy: Overcoming Accidents and Fatalities in the Workplace

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