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MAR 2018

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Caption here The condo association was slow moving on getting the coating crew up top. And once they were finally up there, they encountered six days of delays due to afternoon thunderstorms. A 1970s b u ilt- u p ro of (B UR) wa s le ak in g . T h e Flo r i d a condominiums needed a new monolithic coating system to fix the problems, and a crew from Florida Quality Roofing was up for the challenge.` Feature 36 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM W BY JACK INNIS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR PHOTOS COURTESY FLORIDA QUALIT Y ROOFING, INC. Overkill Not Enough for Florida Roof Crew W aterway East Condominiums in New Smyrna, Florida, about 15 miles (24.1 km) south of Daytona Beach, was hurtin' for certain. Ancient patches weren't holding up on their 1970s vintage built-up roof (BUR), new leaks were appearing with alarming frequency, and the New Smyrna area was receiving more than 4 feet (1.2 m) of annual rainfall, as usual! Oh, and there was a hurricane on the way. Two years earlier, things seemed rosier. e condo board of directors sat down with Florida Quality Roofing's (FQR) co-owner and president German Duarte along with Henry coatings manufacturer representative Eric ompson. A proposal was made. e board loved what they heard. Rather than replace the aging 46,000-square-foot (4,273.5 m²) roofs, FQR would remove the gravel, replace moisture-damaged plywood substrate as necessary, nail down new cover board, apply two layers of modified-bitumen membrane, and roller apply an average of 42 mils (1,066.8 microns) DFT (dry film thickness) of Henry Pro-Grade 988 silicone white roofing coating. Hey! W hen you get 4 feet (1.2 m) of rain in a good year, overkill is not enough! So the board did what boards do. ey deliberated. ey voted. ey drew up a special assessment for members of the 75-unit complex to vote on. ey received voter approval. And — in slow motion (it took almost a year) — inked a contract with FQR. Meanwhile, a storm was brewing that had nothing to do with atmospheric conditions. At the next annual association meeting, the condo owners booted out the entire board. Enter a newly elected board. Strike up a new round of meetings with Duarte and ompson. A proposal was made. e board loved what they heard. So the board did what boards do; they hemmed and hawed. en Hurricane Matthew buzz sawed the New Smyrna shoreline, dumping more than 6 inches (15.2 cm) of rain in 24 hours. Shortly thereafter, FQR's phone rang. A few months (!) later, Duarte and his eight-man waterproofing crew stood, finally, spud bars and shovels in hand, on the Waterway East Condominium roof. ROOF SILICONE

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