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38 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Overbuilt e crew started working from edges toward the roof 's center. A flat roof by Florida standards has ΒΌ-inch (0.6 cm) minimum slope per foot, so installing lower courses first keeps water flowing downhill. e crew began unfurling rolls of CertainTeed Flintlastic SA MidPly. e SA stands for self-adhering, and the FQR crew was gracious enough to share their installation technique. Each 39-inch-wide (99.1 cm) by 33-foot-long (10.1 m) roll takes four workers to install. One holds the leading edge of the SA MidPly in place while another unfurls the roll. W hen positioned properly, the two hold the roll taut. A third worker removes half the adhesive backing film, which is split down the middle lengthwise. Once the first longitudinal half is pressed into place, the third worker switches sides, removes the remain- ing backing film, and finishes pressing the sheet into place. After the three workers move on, a fourth comes along with a 200-pound (90.7 kg) roller to ensure full adhesion. On this project, the FQR crew created 4-inch (10.2 cm) edge laps and 6-inch (15.2) end laps. A second modified bitumen course, granule-covered Flintlastic SA Cap, was applied over the first. e crew used the exact same techniques but staggered the installation so the second-course seams didn't line up with the first course. At this stage, by some standards, the Waterway East condo roof might already be called complete. Indeed, on a building with a generously sloped roof in the right climate, a double layer of modified bitumen might be all you need. But to genuinely call this roof overbuilt, the FQR crew needed to dig deeper into their bag of tricks. The roof was saturated with moisture, which meant that the Florida Quality Roofing crew needed to cut out any damaged areas and replace them with new ply wood before they could install the waterproofing system. Waterproofing in Florida CORROSION DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE. 855-629-2582 AXALTA OFFERS A WIDE ARRAY of powder, liquid and thermoplastic coatings tailored to meet the demanding needs of the oil and gas industry. high building capabilities superior corrosion protection environmentally responsible maximum chemical resistance Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0318

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