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MAR 2018

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What started as a pedestrian corridor and perimeter walkway job turned into the recoating of all four floors of this arena, including entrance ramps and ser vice corridors. It took 12 weeks over a year to complete. Feature 44 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM T BY STEPHANIE MARIE CHIZIK PHOTOS COURTESY STEPHANIE MARIE CHIZIK AND O.T. NEIGHOFF & SONS, INC. Headline Act: Floor Coating Tops Venue T he Royal Farms A rena, which opened in the dow ntow n area of Baltimore in 1962, has hosted Monster truck rallies, ice skating rinks, and A-list acts. Once called the Baltimore A rena, the venue has not only changed names over the years, but it has also changed its look. T he most recent project at the horseshoe-shaped arena started in Januar y 2017, and it showcases a brand new f looring system that was unveiled in the beginning of November. e next time that the 11,100-seat arena sells out, it won't host backpacks, outside food, weapons, selfie sticks, or noise makers, but it will host a brand new floor coating courtesy of a local crew from O.T. Neighoff & Sons, Inc. A Match Made in Heaven e flooring project actually began from an opposite problem: one up top. e crew was on site, upgrading the ceilings in the stage area of the arena; they were painting them black (from white) when the client decided to remove four ticket kiosks in the front entryway. According to Raymond E. Frater, project manager and estimator for O.T. Neighoff, the arena needed to repair and level the now open space, and the building's general management agreed to consider alternatives to the existing terrazzo, such as an epoxy decorate flake. e epoxy system could save money, offer a quick turn-around, and be made to match the terrazzo floors nearby. A sample of the terrazzo was sent to Dur-A-Flex to ensure the coating systems would match both color and finish. e client was so pleased with the result that they kept adding on new areas to rehab. e project expanded from the kiosk replacement area into coating the first and second floor pedestrian corridors and the perimeter walkway of the first-floor performance space, then it included the second floor interior area around the seating, and now it's expanded into all four floors of the facility, entrance ramps, and service corridors. On top of that, the O.T. Neighoff CONCRETE FLOOR URETHANE EPOXY

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