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MAR 2018

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46 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM crew sees more work in their future; they've been contracted to overcoat the bathroom tiles soon, too! With that much work, it's no surprise that this project took multiple crews. ey had anywhere from 5 to 14 crew members on site, depending on the task and time, many of whom have worked with O.T. Neighoff for 10+ years. "Sometimes we did double shifts to accommodate the timeframe that they allowed us, so we'd have one crew come in during the day to complete surface preparation, and then another crew might come in 3‒11 [p.m.] and they'd start to prime it and broadcast, and then the next crew, you know, back to back to meet the sched- ule demands," he continued. "ere was a lot of group effort to complete this project." Lookin' Good ere were two separate systems chosen for the facility's floor- ing solutions. With elephants, motorbikes, and beer potentially hitting the corridors and interior bowl of the first floor, it's no surprise that the coating system chosen for those two areas needed to be a bit more robust in nature. To protect the underlying concrete, O.T. Neighoff applied the client-approved specified cementitious urethane system for those areas and a double epoxy system for the top three floors, which would see mostly foot traffic. But before they could work their way back to the top of the arena, they had to set the stage. at included protect- ing stadium seats, stairways, office doorways, and any other areas, with curtains or 1.5-mil (38.1 microns) plastic from the Home Depot's Husky line. en, they moved on to prep. O.T. Neighoff had to stay in constant communication with Royal Farms Arena. They were given only enough of the total 109,970 sq. ft. (10,216.5 m²) of floor that they could complete before events. Concrete Coatings HT 365 is a preservation, single component, anti-corrosive coating; a water displacing agent; a lubricant; and a penetrating fluid. It leaves an imperceptible thin-film coating that offers excellent salt contaminant and humidity protection. HT 365 provides corrosion protection for up to one year depending on place of storage and environmental exposure. Contact your HoldTight® representative for more information. Up to One Year of Full Surface Protection MAKE TIME STAND STILL Find out more at Typical Applications: Unpainted metal surfaces Equipment in storage Machined parts Marine exposed components Moving parts that cannot be protected with a paint, polymer, or epoxy coating NEW PRODUCT Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0318

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