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MAR 2018

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2018 55 the reaction, making it impossible for corrosion promoters like oxygen and humidity to get behind the coating. e coating creates a ceramic shell that covers the corrosion barrier. e process has been tested by independent third parties, and it has undergone thousands of hours without corroding in an ASTM B117 salt spray test. "EonCoat is perfect for the high-humidity environment in coastal area construction," said Wang Zhijun, Wuhan's project manager for the Ningbo assignment. As with the client, Zhijun also spoke through a translator. Visible in scanning electron microscopy, EonCoat does not leave a gap between the steel and coating. Without a gap, even if moisture gets through to the steel due to a gouge, there is nowhere for the moisture to travel, according to the manufacturer. EonCoat requires coatings contractors to go through training and earn certification in order to use the product, considering its unique application requirements. But the Wuhan crew believed it was the right choice for the job in a high humid- ity and salinity environment, so they worked with EonCoat's joint venture partner in China to gain all the appropriate train- ing. In that sense, EonCoat is more directly involved with the application than most manufacturers. "We' ll go and spend a day with folks doing classroom work as well as spraying in the field, so it's very hands-on," EonCoat CEO Merrick A lpert said of the training process for contractors. "More than anything, it's getting their head around the fact that this is not a barrier coating. You're applying this coating because you're alloying steel. It's very different than the tradi- tional approach with paint. It has to touch the steel. If it does, it will form the alloy layer. If not, it won't." e CBPC coating is also more environmentally friendly than some alternatives because it is inorganic and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or give off odors. is was particularly important on this job, with environmental regulations continuing to tighten in China. e lack of VOCs also allowed the crew to work during working hours and avoid The crew applied EonCoat at ~20 mils (508 microns) on the towers a n d e q u i p m e n t. T h e y al s o s p r ay e d PP G's PSX 700 s i lox a n e a s decorative topcoat at ~127 microns (5 mils) in red and white. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Protect against corrosion of marine oil terminal assets with a ceramic coating system COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Jianghan Oilfield Hengshi Engineering Construction (Wuhan) Co. Jiangong Building, Hankou Train Station 1 Jindun Rd. Wuhan, 430000 China (86) 27-8587-6682 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: ~100 employees SIZE OF CREW: 6 crew members PRIME CLIENT: Ningbo Xingang Fuel Storage Co. 496 Yanjiang Dong Rd. Ningbo, Zhejiang 315200 China (86) 57-4769-5142 SUBSTRATE: Carbon steel CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Corroded due to high humidity and salinity from constant exposure to marine environment SIZE OF JOB: 1,394 m 2 (15,004.9 sq. ft.) DURATION: ~1 week UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » Fire-water towers surrounded offices and other terminal assets, so overspray was a concern. » Training sessions from manufacturer were used to teach applicators how to properly prepare the surface and apply the coating system. » Flash rust on the surface didn't impede the application of the first layer. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Blasted surface to achieve an anchor profile of 25.4–50.8 microns (1-2 mils) » Pressure washed substrate with a 15-kW (20.4 hp) high-pressure cleaner machine with flow at 20 L/min. (5.3 gal./min.) » Used a plural-component spray machine and two-part gun to spray a clear coat of EonCoat at an average of 20 mils (508 microns) of wet film thickness (WFT) on towers and equipment » Sprayed PPG's PSX 700 siloxane as decorative topcoat at ~127 microns (5 mils) in red on towers and white on related equipment SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore safety helmets, goggles or sandblast masks, dust masks, ear plugs, safety belts, puncture-proof static-proof shoes, protective gloves, and general cotton work clothes » Used rope system from Shandong Binzhou Anhui Rope Group Co. on the scaffolding system » Sealed the area with a tarp per the client's requirement to prevent any overspray from reaching nearby offices

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