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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2018 61 electrical equipment, instruments, and certain pumps. In these areas, it was easier and more efficient to use the MBX Bristle Blaster instead of having to protect the sensitive equipment from any moisture caused by the vapor blasting process. Coating Power With the surface preparation process complete, the crew got down to the business of applying the coating system. A lthough the new carbon steel had a zinc primer applied in the shop, the weld seams did need to be touched up before the application of the Heat-Flex 1000. e CUI team brush applied 2‒3 mils (50.8‒76.2 microns) of Carboline's CarboZinc 11, a corro- sion resistant primer that protects steel even in the harshest environments, to all weld seams. Once the zinc primer was applied to the weld seams, the steel intakes, stacks, and HRSGs were ready to receive the Heat-Flex 1000 coating. "e coating was applied at a thickness of 2‒3 mils [50.8‒76.2 microns] using a Graco Airless pump with either a 415 or 417 tip," stated Philipp. e crew utilized the mist coat/full coat technique. A mist coat, applied initially, is a light and thinly applied first layer that is used to force the air out of the zinc primer before the full wet coat is applied. at was followed by a full coat, which covers the substrate with a normal thickness per the spec. According to Philipp, one of the biggest challenges on the job was keeping up with the demand for the coating material. "More than 1,000 gallons [3,785.4 L] of product was consumed in a relatively short duration. It was fortunate for our team that there was a Sherwin-Williams store in close proximity that could warehouse coating in a controlled environment," said Philipp. is allowed the site project manager to order material on a "just in time" basis, resulting in less risk of improper site storage, damage, and theft. In addition, it was a great way to minimize the footprint of the crew on the jobsite and maximize cash flow on the job. The Right Skills To successfully complete such a complex and detail-oriented job, CUI had a highly skilled team onsite, led by Project Manager Th e p rim er wa s ap plied in th e sh op, s o th e crew only n eed ed to prep the seams. They vapor blasted them to NACE No. 2/Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Surface Preparation (SP) 10: Near-White Blast Cleaning. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Apply a high performance, heat-resistant coating to the intakes, stacks, and heat recovery system generators of a newly built combined-cycle power plant COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Coatings Unlimited, Inc. 4325 Bridgeton Industrial Dr. St. Louis, MO 63044 (314) 313-5779 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 200 employees SIZE OF CREW: 10 crew members PRIME CLIENT: Utility company in the southern United States SUBSTRATE: Carbon steel CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: New carbon steel SIZE OF JOB: 300,000 sq. ft. (27,870.9 m²) DURATION: 1 year UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » Active construction site with many other trades working simultaneously. » The owner wanted a coating that met with all of the specifications for the power plant assets but that was also aesthetically pleasing. The coating was developed for this project. » More than 1,000 gallons (3,785.4 L) of paint were used in relatively short time. The crew was able to store the material at a local Sherwin-Williams warehouse, eliminating the need for onsite storage and long-term staging. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Vapor blasted the weld seams with two EcoQuip 2 EQ Elite units from Graco with garnet from BlastOne and HoldTight 102 to NACE No. 2/ Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Surface Preparation (SP) 10: Near-White Blast Cleaning » Prepared welds near electrical equipment, instruments, and certain pumps with an MBX Bristle Blaster » Primed weld seams with 2-3 mils (50.8-76.2 microns) Carboline's CarboZinc 11 » Utilized the mist coat/full coat technique » Applied Sherwin-Williams' Heat-Flex Hi Temp 1000 to all surfaces at a thickness of 2-3 mils (50.8-76.2 microns) using a Graco Airless pump with either a 415 or 417 tip » Used Total Asset Management (TAM) for reporting SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Performed all work in strict compliance with the specification, site safety rules, and federal standards » Used half-face 3M respirators with organic vapor cartridges, wore Tyvek protective suits, and were 100 percent tied off at all times when working from scaffolding and aerial lifts » Hired a third-party safety consultant to audit the site-specific safety plan and daily job safety analyses

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