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74 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM 190 is a fast-curing, blast-holding, direct-to-metal primer or standalone epox y finish coat. Both products contain VOC levels low enough to meet stringent California air quality requirements. For more information, contact: R aven Lining Systems, (800) 324 -2810, w w Hilti's Direct Fastening Goes Digital Hilti 's new powder-actuated DX 5 fastening tool, designed for a w ide range of fastening applications on steel and concrete base materials, now features a built-in digital ser vice indicator screen and Bluetooth technolog y. With these features, users can know in advance when it is time to clean or ser vice the DX 5. T he digital indicator screen on the tool notifies users when it is time for cleaning or ser vice. With built-in Bluetooth technolog y, users can pair the DX 5 w ith the Hilti Connect app to see tool usage and performance data and last sy nced locations; order fasteners and cartridges; schedule ser vice; and view manuals and how-to videos. For more information, contact: Hilti, (800) 879 -8000, w w Detecting Structural Issues in Bridges Early New geophysical non-destructive inspection technolog y from robot- ics manufacturer and professional ser vices engineering company Infrastructure Preser vation Cor p. (IPC) is aimed at improving the early detection of structural issues or degradation on bridges. According to IPC, the company's robotic systems utilize geophysical non-destructive test (NDT) protocols to x-ray concrete and other infrastructures, making it possible to identif y early-stage deteri- oration and allow recommendation of repairs before deterioration spreads and compromises a structure's ability to carr y its design loads. Proper diagnosis allows improved planning and repair of early-stage deterioration, including the possible breakdow n of protective coatings. For more infor- mation, contact: IPC, (727) 372-2900, w w Façade Restoration Coatings Named Top New Product A n independent panel of judges from the education industr y selected the NeverFade façade restoration coatings from APV Engineered Coatings as a Platinum Award w inner in the annual New Product Award program from 1105 Media. T he NeverFade exterior coatings are a line of water-based, low VOC coatings that uniquely restore and protect building exteriors w ith long-term performance. T he products, which work w ith compatible APV primers, are formulated w ith Ky nar Aquatec — a tough poly vinylidene f luoride (PV DF) resin that resists thermal, chemical, and ultraviolet degradation. Incor porated into the NeverFade coating technolog y and coupled w ith additives and specialty grade inorganic pigments, Ky nar Aquatec is resistant to color fading, dirt pickup, staining, algae, mold, fungal growth, and erosion. For more information, contact: APV, (800) 772-3452, w w Sealant Protects Architectural Stone, Tile From Stains A rchitectural stone and tile must repel liquids and oil to maintain appearance and value. In response, the AsahiGuard sealant from AGC Chemicals provides an effective deterrent to liquid- and oil-based stains. AsahiGuard is effective for polished stones, porous stones, and ver y porous materials. T he product uses f luoropoly mers dispersed in water to repel liquids by forming a low-energ y surface coating on treated stone. Liquid beads when spilled on stone or tile treated w ith AsahiGuard sealants. T his beading action minimizes the amount of surface area that the spilled f luid contacts, neutralizes penetration, and enhances cleanability. T he product is applied by brush or roller, cures quick ly, and is odor-free. It is available in a range of custom formulations. For more infor- mation, contact: AGC, (800) 424 -7833, w w Patented Polyolefin Repair Method Milliken Infrastr ucture Solutions was awarded a U.S. patent for its method and apparatus to repair polyolefin pipes and str uctures. T his patent descr ibes a system and method for the repair of polyolefin pipes and str uctures used in the oil and gas industr y. Invented by James Souza and Law rence Cercone, the technolog y enables the repair of polyethylene and poly propylene pipes used in corrosive env ironments. T hese innovations also prov ide a method of repair for polyolefin-based str uctures, such as holding tanks and pressure vessels. T he system enables the direct bonding of compos- ite mater ials to polyolefin pipe, and this process allows the adhesion of a fiber-reinforced poly urethane or a fiber-reinforced epox y coating system to repair microcracks, dents, or gouges. For more infor mation, contact: Milliken, (855) 655 - 6750, http://infrastr New & Noteworthy

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