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MAR 2018

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82 MARCH 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Industry Insight C oating failures happen all the time for one reason or another. A very powerful tool that can be effectively used to reduce the occurrence of protective coating and lining failures is the education of all of the personnel involved in the project. Educating the Owner Education of the owner and associ- ated personnel who will be involved in protective coating and lining projects is of particular importance. Often, owners will craft the contracts and technical specifications for the representatives either using in-house engineering/ technical expertise or engaging an outside consultant to prepare the neces- sary technical documents. In either case, it is imperative that the owner or the owner's representative, who will ultimately approve the technical specifications for the project, be educated at least in part in protective coatings and linings. is will help to ensure that errors and misstatements do not make their way into the final contract specifi- cation. Examples of common errors that appear in such specifications are: a. Errors resulting from "cutting and pasting" specification sections; b. Inadvertent disagreements between the specification and the coating/ lining manufacturer's Product Data/ Technical Data Sheets (PDS/TDS); c. Forgetting to include accurate and appropriate technical information concerning coating repair. During execution of the actual coating/lining project, it will be the responsibility of the owner or the representative to resolve/dispose of any technical problems that may occur. Proper Service From the Coating Manufacturer Of equal importance to other entities that may work on industrial coatings and linings projects is the knowledge- able coatings/lining manufacturer/ supplier. In the past, coatings/linings suppliers had the reputation of saying whatever would appeal to the customer in order to make a sale. (e customer might be the owner or the contractor.) With the sophistication of the coatings and linings products and systems, coating/lining products suppliers/manufacturers have recog- nized that their technical personnel must be formally educated to provide proper service to their customers. Several major coating/lining material manufacturers/suppliers now offer on a mandatory basis to send technical personnel through industry-recognized courses, and one even holds its own in-house courses regionally to educate its technical personnel. Trained Inspectors e need for education and certifica- tion of inspection personnel working on industrial coatings and linings projects is self-evident. It is imperative that such inspection personnel be able to perform their jobs in a technically satisfactory and honest manner. Trained and certified inspec- tors often attend reputable classes conducted worldwide. is type of training ensures that inspectors working either for a contractor in a quality control role or for an owner in a quality assurance role will perform their duties in a consistent manner. Coating Contractors on Notice Acceptable contract specification language should include this require- ment: "e presence of the owner or his or her authorized representative does not relieve the contractor from full compliance with the specification." W hat does this mean related to a typical industrial coating or lining project? e owner is putting the contrac- tor on notice that the contractor is fully responsible to perform the quality control inspection functions on the project, irrespective of the fact that the owner may perform the quality assur- ance functions on the project. As such, the contractor must ensure that his or her personnel assigned to perform the various quality control functions on a project are properly trained and certified. A Job for All Education isn't the job of one person or group. To ensure the success of a coating or lining project, it is equally important for members representing the owner/consultant/manufacturer/ supplier, inspection firm, and contrac- tor who will be involved to be educated, trained, and certified. CP Photo courtesy of the author By Jon R. Cavallo, PE, FASTM The Value of Education

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