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COATINGSPRO SAFETY 2018 7 Clemco serves contractors and facility owners around the globe with quality abrasive blast equipment and safety accessories through authorized distributors worldwide. Best known for its Classic Blast Machines, Clemco focuses on safety, performance, and productivity in surface preparation and cleaning applications. With innovation a core strategy, Clemco is now the exclusive distributor for the SABRE A lpha 1 semi-autono- mous robot that brings to market a dramatically different method to blast large structures and confined spaces without a human operator. is cutting-edge technology removes the operator from the hazardous blast environment, eliminating the risk of injury and exposure to contamination. Clemco brands include CLEMCO; ZERO® Blast Cabinets; AEROLY TE® Dry Strip Systems; and CLEMCO Industrial Blast Facilities—which include blast rooms, recovery systems, and dust collectors. Certifications include CE, ASME, NIOSH, and ISO-9001. Clemco Industries Corp. One Cable Car Drive Washington, MO 63090 (800) 788-0599 Company Profile: Clemco Industries Corp. SPONSORED CONTENT

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