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8 Better Safe Than Sorry for space on the same part of the face — the bridge of the nose — so it can be vital to find equipment that fits together without causing leakage around the respirator edges or compromises the protection. Hand Protection After the head, a person's hands are likely the body part most prone to injury at a coatings jobsite since they can be used to handle both coatings themselves and a wide variety of power- ful, pressurized equipment in the surface preparation and application phases. Exposure to chemicals and other hazardous materials could lead to burns, while the use of grease guns, airless spray guns, diesel injectors, paint guns, concrete guns, and plastic injectors are possible sources for simple cuts or even deeper injection injuries, according to the Fluid Power Safety Institute. In latter cases, the injector can pierce the skin and underlying tissues and cause material to be embedded deep within the body. Oil-based paints and paint thinners are often the most damaging substances to the hand, while grease, diesel, air, and water injections are less threatening but still pose risk. In any case, the simplest and most effective PPE option for contractors is usually wearing gloves. While traditional latex and nitrile gloves offer some level of protection for tasks such as mixing, new technolo- gies are allowing many safety compa- nies to offer enhanced solutions. "Our TurtleSkin brand of products also includes our line of cut- and puncture-resis- tant safety gloves," said Toby Cummings, sales associate at Warwick Mills, which manufac- tures the line. "ere are many cut-only gloves in the safety market, but when it comes to puncture solutions, the selec- tion can be limited. is line offers glove solutions that will protect against hypodermic needles, broken glass, nails, sharp tools, and many other threats. TurtleSkin also offers single-ply protec- tion options for jobs requir- ing high levels of dexterity and flexibility." One popular product within that line is the CP Insider glove, which can fit under a disposable latex or nitrile glove, thus keeping them cleaner and allowing them to last longer. "Our CP Insider gloves are great for janitorial and cleaning applications because they can protect workers from needles and other unseen threats that might be unnoticed in the areas they are cleaning," Cummings explained. "e CP Insider works great for workers to wear when cleaning up a jobsite at the end of the day, where it protects them from unseen sharp threats or something that might be poking out of a garbage bag they are handling." Another option for heav y construction and heav y equip- ment operations is the ForceFlex line of multitask gloves from MCR Safety. Developed in collaboration with oil and gas operator ExxonMobil, the line uses D3O technology to provide superior back-of-hand protection with high shock-ab- sorbing properties. In addition, the ForceFlex line is thinner, allowing for full flexibility and range of motion. Compared with traditional gloves, testing has shown that impact dissi- pation in this line is up to 54 percent better on the back of hands while being 57 percent thinner, while impact dissi- pation on fingers is up to 46 percent better while being 37 percent thinner, according to Paul Harris, vice president of product strategy and innovations at MCR. "With traditional options, we still often saw injuries due to back-of-hand impact and pinched or crushed-in fingers," Harris said. "Our FF2930 ForceFlex series was developed to produce the highest-performance impact protection and grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions, along with maximum comfort and dexterity." Distinguishing characteristics include an aqua blue two-way spandex back, a tan suede synthetic leather palm with hybrid forchettes, a reinforced thumb crotch for greater durability, and expansion gussets for ease of donning, Harris added. Additional features include a slip-on cuff with gusset, pull tab, and an identification (ID) panel for personalization. For jobs in colder weather, workers may desire a combi- nation of hand protection along with warmth. To address that need, Saf-T-Gard developed its Mechani-Gard MG 9860 Winter Mechanic's Gloves, which include a 3M insulate Better Safe Than Sorry continued from page 6 SAFETY 2018 COATI NGSPROMAG.COM Protecting the crew's hands from chemicals, cuts, and punctures is important, and there are different gloves for each task. TurtleSkin, for example, offers the CP Insider to go under disposable gloves for added protection.

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