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COATINGSPRO MAY 2018 27 Marketing Savvy Get the Fix for Problem Floors. Learn why thousands of floors a year across the full spectrum of applications start and finish with WearCOAT flooring products. Retail Stores Grocery Stores Warehouses Restaurants Commercial Kitchens Freezer/Cold Rooms Loading Docks Car Dealerships Schools Hospitals Veterinary Clinics Park ing Garages Water Treatment Plants Machine Shops Heavy Industry Floors Food Processing Facilities Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms Aircraft Hangars Airport Terminals Train Stations Offices Car Washes Breweries Wine Cellars Retail Stores Grocery Stores Warehouses Restaurants Water Treatment Plants Freezer/Cold Rooms FLOORS Coatings for the Toughest Applications. 319 Township Line Rd. • Souderton, PA 18964 P: +1 (215) 723-0919 • F: +1 (215) 723-0911 • Request a free brochure today! © 2018 Coatings For Industry, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Wearcoat® and the Coatings For Industry® Teardropare registered trademarks for Coatings For Industry, Inc. written) conceptual elements to succinctly express what your partic- ular brand is — and what it is not — to a broader internal audience. At its core, it's a reference and training document for the people who work for your company. It serves to famil- iarize your company's management on the concept of its own brand so that they can more consistently demonstrate and articulate the brand to others. • Vision: Your organization needs to aspire to something greater in order for its marketing to become something that inspires others. Sometimes there is no unifying or inspiring vision; there's no expression of what your company aspires to reach or become in the next five to ten years. Other times, a vision reads as f lat, academic, or long-winded. A good vision state- ment isn't f luff either. Rather, it helps all stakeholders reach to something higher. • Public Outreach Strategy: This refers to how to address and formal- ize a communications approach for the public-at-large. This does not necessarily mean your customers. Rather, it's about respecting and interfacing with the general public as inf luencers, opinion holders, social activists, and supporters of personal, political, or economic interests. This type of strategy addresses a need for responding to criticism or opposing or compet- ing points of view. Its purpose is to help your company build and demonstrate credibility and to authentically communicate it. Use Technology for Your Goals In conclusion, plan your marketing. Don't be led by technology or allow it to distract and overwhelm you. Know who you are, what you want from your marketing, and how you're going to achieve it. Only then will technology become a navigable means to achieve your company's goals. CP Andy Slipher is founder of Sl ipher Market ing , a consu ltanc y where st rateg y comes f irst, fol lowed by tang ible market ing resu lts. He is an accom- pl ished st rateg ist, inter im CMO, and spea ker and w r iter on market ing st rateg y. He is a market- ing seg ment lect urer for Sout her n Met hod ist Universit y's (SMU) accred ited Ban k Operat ions Inst it ute for professiona l ban kers and for t he Independent Ban kers A ssociat ion of Te x as (IBAT). Sl ipher is t he aut hor of The Big How: W here Strateg y Meets Success. For more infor mat ion, contact: A ndy Sl ipher, w w w. Sl Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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