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28 MAY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Contractor's Corner Whether you have a dedicated receptionist or answering your business phone is a shared responsibility, ever y time your phone rings, it could be a new business opportunity. B etween email, social media, and chat services, there are a variety of ways for your customers to reach your small contracting business. But it may come as a surprise that 48 percent of new customers prefer a phone call as the first point of contact for a local business, according to Software Advice. ough many of us may shy away from phone calls in favor of text messages in our personal lives, professional phone etiquette remains a vital skill for all small businesses, especially those seeking to forge valuable new business connections. In a recent sur vey posted by Commercial Construction Renovation, only 21 percent of customers reported being satisfied by telephone inter- actions w ith constructions firms, making construction the sector of the sur vey w ith the most room for improvement. As a coatings contract- ing business, it's important to stay on top of new client relationships and even existing projects w ith exemplar y phone etiquette. W hether you have a dedicated receptionist or answer- ing your business phone is a shared responsibility, ever y time your phone rings, it could be a new business opportunity. From the first ring until the end of the call, there are a few simple ways that your company can make ever y phone call count. Set Your Company Up for Success From the start, there are a few tips you can follow to help set the stage for success: 1. Make your phone number easy to find on your website. Make sure your number is visible on every page of your website, and consider making your website more mobile-friendly by using tap-to-call links for smart- phone users. Your customers will naturally have questions about your services, experiences, and rates, so make it easy for them to get person- alized answers when the time comes. 2. Take it one step further and make sure that your phone number is easily accessible — and correct — wherever your business name appears, including in online directo- ries such as Google Maps and Yelp. When your business's phone number appears in search results, it's even easier for your potential customers to make that all-important first call. 3. Choose a phone number that is visible and memorable. Many businesses turn to vanity phone numbers to make them more memorable for their customers. Vanity numbers associate your business's phone numbers with the telephonic alphabet that appears on our keypads. Think catchy sound- By Kate Kauff man, Marketing and Customer Experience Specialist at Ruby Receptionists Making Every Call Count: Phone Tips for Small Construction Businesses

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