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COATINGSPRO MAY 2018 29 bites that speak to your unique business, such as 1-800-FLOWERS. 4. Be reachable. Once you're certain that your business number is easily accessible, make sure that there is a human presence addressing callers during your business hours. For every caller who goes to voicemail, your business risks losing an untold number of callers who may hang up and move on when greeted by an automated voicemail system. Make a Great Impression Once you've got your number and have it placed correctly and strategi- cally, you' ll need to take it to the next step: answering the phone! Here are additional tips to putting your best foot forward: 1. Get the call off to the right start. A customer-focused phone greeting is comprised of three parts: a saluta- tion, your company name, and an offer of assistance. While "hello" works when answering a personal call, try treating your customers to an enthusiastic greeting such as "good morning" or "good afternoon." When spread across time zones, "thank you for calling" always gets a customer call off to the right start. Follow the greeting of your choice by identifying your business by name. Stating your business's name when answering the phone is professional in any setting, but it's especially important to commu- nicate to potential new customers that they're speaking with the right person. In fact, small construction businesses can go the extra mile by punctuating their telephone greeting with an offer of assistance. Smooth over any initial awkwardness by cutting to the chase — your customer's needs. "How may I help you today?" or "How may I assist you?" are short and sweet phrases that put the focus on your customer's reason for calling. In total, your business's standard telephone greeting should sound something along the lines of "Good afternoon! ABC Construction. How may I help you today?" or "Thank you for calling ABC Construction. How may I assist you?" Whether you're speaking to a new business inquiry or a returning customer, a three-part telephone greeting will get every business call off to the right start. 2. Answer with confidence — even when you need to put your caller on hold. Infuse your answer with positivity and let your caller know Contractor's Corner PROVEN , TRUE & BLUE! n o o e c e c o a s a e c e a e a a e s e s Call or visit us at 800.324.2810 | Raven's story began 30 years ago when it used a blue epoxy coating to protect a manhole. Throughout our history, we've continued to build this company and its products on the confidence and trust of that blue flagship product, Raven 405 ® . This confidence is shown in the protection, experience, and commitment presented every day in our protective coatings, customer service and unmatched technical expertise. With over 21 million square feet of Raven product applied to a variety of structures, our team of experts spend endless hours creating and testing products that will endure the most extreme conditions, with a 50 year design. We deliver true performance by providing engineered solutions through an exclusive network of certified applicators. Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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