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COATINGSPRO MAY 2018 33 tank. Entanglement alone is the biggest risk for ROVs. Be sure to also check that the ROV 's video and data recording functions are on to pick up all sights in the tank. • Track all ROV rotations: Once inside, an ROV should rotate around a water tank the same number of times counterclockwise that it does clock- wise. If one direction is preferred over another, then the vehicle risks snagging on cables or extremities located inside the tank. Tools such as turn counters can help avoid issues like these as they monitor how many rotations an ROV makes in either direction. • Enable underwater GPS: Using your ROV's underwater global position- ing systems (GPSs) can help these vehicles operate in challenging environments. This includes shallow water within tanks and other environ- ments where existing conventional underwater positioning systems typically break down. ROV operators rely on positioning to make their missions more effective. Positioning is specifically useful when acoustic reflections from hard surfaces are close to the operation area in tanks. • Enable live remote viewing and/ or live remote control functional- ity: While on-site crew members conduct water tank inspections, they are typically not the same individuals who assess data gathered at the scene. If off-site assessment teams need information related to something happening inside the tank, the inspection crew won't know that until after the fact. If your ROV has live remote viewing, using it can allow both teams to interact with one another in real-time and see what's taking place inside the water tanks. This feature is partic- ularly beneficial for municipalities, considering many outsource tank inspection work to off-site compa- nies but assess the data themselves. Going one step further, crews can also consider utilizing live remote control functionality for ROVs if this is an available option. Live remote control allows users to pilot ROVs from any web browser-enabled device (including computers, phones, and iPads) remotely from anywhere in the world. Live remote control also enables multiple operators to operate the same unmanned under- water vehicle while sharing data across multiple sites. is expands the virtual presence of ROV users, allowing them to better monitor Inspector's Corner REVOLUTIONARY CERAMIC EPOXIES FAST DRYING. SELF-HEALING. EASY TO APPLY. BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT For complete product specifications and test data on our entire line of Induron's ceramic epoxy coatings, call your rep today! P.O. Box 2371 Birmingham, Alabama 35201-2371 (800) 324-9584 | Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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