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For more information, call 800-767-3772 ext. 100 38 MAY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, bunions and corns are both conditions that can result from the pressure of too tight footwear against bone and skin. Additionally, hammer toe and crossover toe can occur when toes are cramped in a too-tight toe box. Oftentimes, these ailments can even result in surger y, leading to longer periods of time off the job. Choosing work footwear with a roomier fit and a more generous toe box will allow for more room for a safety toe cap without compromising the fit for the wearer. Improperly fitting safety footwear can distract the wearer with immediate discomfort. Distraction is the natural enemy of productivity. A team of psychological scientists from George Mason University recently found that distractions don't just take up time, they also reduce the overall quality of an individual 's work. Additionally, as discovered by research- ers at the University of California, Irvine, a distracted worker requires a period of readjustment in order to return to maximum productivity, which can range from 23 to 30 minutes in addition to the length of the distrac- tion. For a persistent problem like sustained discomfort, a distraction can quickly snowball into a serious issue. Unlike a cell phone or many other workplace distractions, a worker can't simply ignore or turn off his or her footwear woes. Discomfort can easily become something at the top of a worker's mind. Neuroscientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently discovered that the concept of multi-tasking is largely a myth, and workers are often hampered by the brain's limited capacity to focus. Attention is a limited resource, and when that resource is focused on physical discomfort rather than performing a task safely and properly, distraction can take over. In addition to serving as a distraction on the jobsite, physical discomfort from improper footwear can also set workers up for future challenges that could, if left unattended for long enough, require medical attention and even surgery. e potential to take your workers out of commission should be a good reason to keep them in the right footwear. A long with fit, the comfort of footwear from midsole and insole support plays a big part in reducing leg and foot fatigue for the wearer. Today's footwear manufacturers have begun looking into material technologies to improve overall comfort and support Safety Watch Register today at flroof @FRSAExpo For more information, call 800-767-3772 ext. 100 Join us for the LARGEST regional roofing expo in the industry. Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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