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COATINGSPRO MAY 2018 39 hazards. Workplace footwear is deeply tied to both long- and short-term issues of health, wellness, and safety, regard- less of the work environment. Employee safety, wellness, and productivity are all complex issues, but looking at what is on your employees' feet is a great first step toward creating a better jobsite environment for you and your crew. CP Brad Bischel is the product director for KEEN Utility, a leading industrial and service footwear brand grounded in protection with the goal to make boots to fit you better. Bischel has more than 20 years of experience in the footwear industry, leading product development for such world class brands as KEEN's outdoor division, Nike, and Columbia before joining the KEEN Utility team to focus exclusively on innovat- ing safety footwear in 2017. For more information, contact: KEEN Utility, fasciitis, and stress fractures, may become a problem if the issue of proper footwear is not addressed. More press- ingly, these long days of discomfort and pain can lead to distracted working, which, in operational environments, often leads to increased workplace for the wearer without sacrificing safety. For example, a polyurethane (PU) footbed can provide additional comfort that will not compress over time with repeated wears. Other materials that include ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) instead of the PU may not offer that additional comfort. e inter- nal support mechanism provided by PU is anatomically engineered to give the wearer excellent arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot. e right PU footbed, in conjunc- tion with a wider toe box, provides an excellent degree of support and comfort that will ensure increased productivity as the need to address sore, aching feet is sharply reduced. A Better Boot for Everyone Choosing the right work boot is an important decision for not only you but also everyone on your jobsite. Wearing the proper safety footwear on the jobsite can decrease accidents and safety-related issues that are directly linked to productivity and an overall healthier working environment. W hen your safety footwear falls short of your needs, the consequences can be dire. Fatigue, back pain, and other issues can set in and make the workday seem that much longer, causing distraction and severely hampering productivity. Even more severe issues, as outlined by e American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, such as hammertoes, plantar Safety Watch Environmentally Safe VpCI ® /MCI ® Technologies EXCELLENCE Q U A I T Y ® C O R P O R AT I O N PRODUCTIVITY INVESTMENT AND COST REDUCTION Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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