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MAY 2018

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40 MAY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY New At-Heights Solution for Dropped Objects To mitigate the hazards of dropped objects and heat stress, Ergodyne released the Squids 3775 Can/Bottle Holder & Trap. e product is designed to allow construction workers to easily tether, carry, and secure a water bottle or other containers. e bottle holder can work with the standard 16.9 oz. (0.5 L) size used on most jobsites. e 3775 also holds spray paint and lubri- cation canisters. e product's stainless steel belt clip attaches to tool belts and fall protection harnesses for hands- free convenience, while a zinc-plated D-ring provides a secure attachment point for tool lanyards. An abrasion-re- sistant and stretchy neoprene primary material teams with an adjustable webbing strap to accommodate a range of container types. For more information, contact: Ergodyne, (800) 225-8238, High-Definition Hearing Protection for Contractors Etymotic's safety line of earplugs and earphones is designed to reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss and tinni- tus. e company's high-definition (HD) Safety Earplugs are the world's highest fidelity, ready-fit earplugs, reducing sound levels while preserving clarity and not muffling sound. Meanwhile, the Electronic Earplugs line is also available. is model allows safe sounds to pass through naturally while reacting instantly to sudden loud impacts or sounds. Finally, the HD Safety Earplugs + Earphones line blocks external sound to reduce noise while being engineered for safe listening and high-definition sound quality. is allows users to listen to music in loud environments without having to raise the volume to hear over machine noise. For more information, contact: Etymotic, (847) 228-0006, BRW Safety & Supply Relaunches Safety Blog With U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines changing and often confusing for entre- preneurs and employers, BRW Safety is working to make these regulations more understandable on their revamped blog. With few places online to read about the right safety gear for workplace safety, BRW said the lack of online information inspired them to relaunch their blog, which features buying guides for a range of industrial safety products, such as hard hats, safety vests, protective eye wear, and more. "We want prospective customers and current customers alike to understand the regulations and products that are out there to keep their workers safe," said Christopher Gallagher, founder of BRW Safety. For more information, contact: BRW Safety, (800) 323-6409, Expanded Lineup of Safety Works Brand Respirators Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (PIP) announced the launch of its new Safety Works series of respiratory products. Working with a global partner, this comprehensive line enhances PIP's current offering to an additional 40 respiratory products. is includes the P100 and N100 filtering face pieces, along with half- and full-face air-puri- fying respirators with multiple filters and cartridges. Respiratory protection is rapidly growing and is a critical part of personal protection, and PIP said there is an increased awareness of risks related to construction work. To address this, PIP is ready with a full lineup of respirators and trainings to guide customers confidently. For more infor- mation, contact: PIP, (800) 262-5755, On-Site Safety Protection Program Personal protective equipment (PPE) company MCR Safety is offering its 360° Protection Program to perform a complete assessment and review of a group's current safety gear perfor- mance. is service provides an emphasis on direct and indirect cost savings, productivity, and risk reduc- tion, both now and in the future. e program includes a comprehensive five-step process, including evaluation with key stakeholders; measurement through the collection of data; analy- sis of the data with sample testing; execution of an agreed-upon PPE plan with training; and protection through follow-up calls to confirm the plan's objectives. For more information, contact: MCR Safety, (800) 955-6887, Real-Time Data-Logging for Air Quality Monitors E Instruments is now presenting a complete family of indoor air quality (I AQ ) monitors, which all have the capability to run real-time air quality analysis and reports. A ll models come w ith simple-to-use software, enabling

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