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44 MAY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM " T he plant basically sizes, cleans, cuts, sorts, cooks, packages, and freezes potatoes," said Dillon Quenzer, Simplot's process reliability engineer. " T he clarifier is crucial. You can't run the plant long w ithout it, and that's a big deal. Ever ything around here is planned to a T. We produce so many pounds per day. Our customers expect so many pounds per day. T here would be a huge chain reaction if the clarifier suddenly failed." Stakes and Potatoes Roger Carlisle, project manager for Nampa, Idaho-based Poly Seal, already had one foot in the door when he heard about this project. Months earlier, Carlisle and Kim Krueger, Specialty Products, Inc.'s (SPI) former territory manager, were working the American Water Works Association (AW WA) trade show in Idaho, doing presentations on polyurea application, and they met with Simplot plant engineers. e engineers obviously liked what they heard because when they made plans for a 14-day maintenance shutdown, they tabbed Poly Seal to treat the clari- fier with 80 mils (2,032.0 microns) dry film thickness (DFT) of SPI Polyshield HT 100F polyurea coating. Stakes couldn't be higher for Carlisle and his four-man Poly Seal crew. Huge client, tight deadline, and outdoor work with no control over the weather, and Simplot's first-ever polyurea project: W hat could possibly go wrong? A lot, if Carlisle didn't plan everything precisely! Here's what he did. "W hen we arrived the first day, the tank was fully drained, dry, and cleaned," said Carlisle. "e Simplot clarifier crew is used to doing it, so thankfully we weren't slopping around in The coatings on the tank, a clarifier used for potato production, were failing. So after the client prepped the 39,000-gallon (147,631.1 L) tank, it was time for the Poly Seal crew to do their job. Wastewater Tank Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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